First crop of 1000 g boutique Zhongning medlar

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Place of Origin: CN;NIN
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Product Description

Name: Wolfberry purposes: health food raw materials, Chinese pharmaceutical raw materials, health herbal tea raw materials, health wine raw materials, raw moxa massage, health filler material, aromatherapy health care materials, other health Origin: Ningxia

Product attributes: fruit kernels class: the warm taste: sweet

Meridian: liver, kidney product forms: the original form of processing technology: Shaizhi

There are almost a thousand years in China Wolfberry edible medicinal history. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records "wolfberry, Bushenshengjing, Liver, eyesight, fine bone Kennedy, to fatigue, easy color, white, eyes and nerves, is longevity."

Modern nutrition analysis showed that nutrients contained in the very rich wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry fruit hectogram containing 4.49 g of crude protein, crude fat 2.33 g, 9.12 g carbohydrates, carotenoids 96 mg, 0.053 mg of thiamine, 0.137 mg of riboflavin, ascorbic acid 19.8 mg, 0.26 mg of betaine, is also rich in potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and other elements, as well as 22 kinds of amino acids and vitamins.

Contemporary Western nutrition studies show that antioxidant ORAC content contained medlar, all known fruits and vegetables in the highest current, wolfberry have significant health effects in reducing cellular oxidative aging, the best of nature longevity food. Ningxia wolfberry has not copy advantage.

Ningxia wolfberry cultivated over 500 years of history. Thanks to the unique geographical and climatic conditions, Ningxia wolfberry quality far better than other regions, is the only load the new Chinese Pharmacopoeia wolfberry variety, so much of the world respected, has a "Ningxia wolfberry heaven" in the world.

Ning is the origin of Chinese wolfberry, has a long history of good quality, planting extensive government support. Has the advantage of the development of Chinese wolfberry industry.