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price: US $250.00
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item Type: scented tea
Product Category: Tea Set
Num.: JT1054
Material: Ceramics
Ceramic Category: Porcelain
Specification: - Teapot
Place of origin: Chaozhou
Printed LOGO: Can

Product Description

Price segment:More than 300 yuan
Is there a patent:It is
Surface Technology:Hand Painted
Whether with a tea tray:No
Custom support:It is
Tea Accessories:No
With water heating function:No

[Features] the traditional definition of a new era and new technology, unique products, all hand-gilt decoration, fresh, elegant, simple, stylish, modern home for a variety of good decorations. The Porcelain Plant mainly produces and sells Continental technology products, as well as hotel, KTV, night games series, all products are green products, safe, non-toxic lead-free, no pollution.

High-grade ivory porcelain: color, such as ivory, porcelain-like faces with a yellowish color, high hardness, good color, its quality is also fine as ivory, lubrication, this product uses a special process type baked in porcelain in the search for new varieties. All products are made of gilt factory sold purely manual process. The outline in gold of up to 15% of the gold oil and skillful master professional hand-painted, hand in hand for us to create the most magnificent palace upscale boutique-style ivory, world-renowned.

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