Export trade of the original single-colored ceramic tableware suit / hand-painted ceramic dish / coffee mug / bowl

price: US $62.00
from AliExpress
item Type: Other
Num.: LL
Material: Porcelain
Microwave: Available
Style: Western
Pattern: Creative
Place of origin: Guangdong
Occasions for gifts: Birthday, wedding, holiday

Product Description

Custom processing:No
Qty:24 / box
Time to market:2014 Spring
Price segment:20-30 yuan
Custom support:No
One-time items:No
Is there a patent:No
Colour:Food goods series dish, eat goods series cup, smile series cup, kissing series bowl, smiling Series bowl, smiling family dish, Passion series cup, passion series plate, kissing series plate, eat Arrivals bowl, passionate series bowls, kiss series cups, packaged 12 head
Kit Number:One

Love & Life

Love-life emotional dissolved life

live with passion

Passion for life. A day full of positive energy, living this life of passion. Each

Morning, warm sunshine, call, today, go!

kiss me

Kiss, it is the way to express emotion. Not just between lovers, a lovely daughter

Children ran, holding the flowers, sweet on a pro, this is the expression of emotion.

life is short, eat dessert first

Life is short, but it should be a long-term enjoyment. Gourmet cuisine over the world, what

Do not enjoy to enjoy the food? Pull on love; invite family; call three or five friends,

In gastronomy miss feelings.

live well, laugh often, love much

The secret of life lies in the constant smile, give love. Smiling can pass, one after

With a everyone will smile bloom. Love, too, love to pass along,

Aromatic Poppins.