Euro Coffee Sumatra Mandehling, 24 Count Single-Serve K-Cup Keurig Compatible. Award Winning Artisan Coffee Roaster

price: US $71.04
from AliExpress
Flavor: Chocolate
Item Type: Instant Coffee

Product Description

The slow darker roast yields a less acidic smooth, full-bodied cup of coffee. This roast is a medium-to-darkish espresso color, like you would expect to find on every corner of the eternal city: Rome. Yes, there will be some smokiness and caramel and chocolate notes too, but with a smooth long satisfying finish. We don't roast millions and millions of pounds of coffee each year, so we can take our time to find the hardest, best, most-perfect coffee beans and roast them slowly to perfection. They are packed quickly into these air-tight oxygen-free cups. With the increased amount of coffee in our cups, you can go ahead and brew a larger cup of enjoyment with no additional cost.