Dried tofu 450g (90g * 5 bags) Rich in protein snack chinese food spicy nutrition products soybean Grain Products

price: US $9.90
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Shelf Life: nine months
Origin: Soy
Packaging: Vacuum Pack
Certification: QS
Weight (kg): 0.09
Product Type: Dried tofu
tofu: dried tofu
Spicy flavor: protein

Product Description

Dried Tofu

snack chinese

(Soybean Products)

Tofu is tofu reprocessing products, Salted refreshing, resilient, hard, long time not a bad place. Tofu is nutritious, containing a large amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals needed by the body.
The tofu is one of the best food Zuojiu with rice, but also facilitate the journey to carry and eat.
Edible method: open bags of ready-to-eat

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