[DIDA TEA] YU XIANG * 16pcs Orange Puerh Puer Tea 8685 Mandarin Orange Pu Erh tea with Orange Fragrance, Pu Er in Orange 400g

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: aaaaaa
Age: 5 - 10 Years
Shelf Life: 999999
Style: Loose Tea
Packaging: Box
Certification: HACCP
Weight (kg): 300g

Product Description

[DIDA TEA] YU XIANG * 16pcs Orange Puerh Puer Tea 8685 Mandarin Orange Pu Erh tea with Orange Fragrance, Pu Er in Orange 400g

Quantity: 16pcs,25g/pc, total net weight 400grams(14oz). Total G.W about 450-550g.

Raw or ripe: Ripe

Net weight: 25g/pc, Bidding Price for 16 pcs,

Ingredients: Orange and 100% Organic Puer tea leaves.

Origin: Guangdong,China

Manufacturer: Guangdong Heshan City Fruit Tea Science Research Institute. GOLD HORSE BRAND

Now you are bidding the orange Puerh Tea, it put Old Tree Puerh tea in Orange Peel, and storage at least one year,so that can full absorb the orange peel aroma. The tea have both orange flavor and tea flavor. Traditional Chinese medicine think the orange peel is helpful for digestion and can be anti-inflammatory.

Unlike other teas that should ideally be consumed shortly after production, pu-erh can be drunk immediately or aged for many years; pu-erh teas are often now classified by year and region of production much like wine vintages.

Effectiveness :


2.cancer prevention, cancer.

3.healthy teeth on oral health.

4.anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and Diarrhea.

5.lipid-lowering and weight loss, lower blood pressure, anti-atherogenic.

The The many health benefits of Pu-erh tea has lead it to being known as the "Wonder Tonic" and the "Medicinal Tea". Long standing consumers of Pu-erh tea believe it has anti-aging properties and can prolong life.

1 introduction
citrus orange cucation : will have & ldquo . millennium ginseng , citrus & hundred years rdquo . good reputation new citrus peel and , hailed as tea medium weight loss coronally pu'er vintage undergo special technology combination together . simply means : use and pu'er together with orange peel and PU ' er tea .

2 characteristics
appearance is dried fruit shape

3 production process
Penicillium pj in the production of tea when , never add any additive to increase the tea 's , dried tea and fresh orange peel mutual deflorescence , make its in the interrelation the yaomei in the formation of unique flavor Penicillium tea cucation .

4 special effect
Penicillium tea cucation collection and pu'er 's xinhui special efficacy :
1 , pu'er : weight loss , , warm fall fat , prevention and cure arteriosclerosis , prevention and cure coronary heart disease , decompression , anti aging , , , huluba anticancer anti-inflammatory , mitigating bacteriostatic bitumite poison , mitigating the heavy metal poison , radioprotection and central nervous excitement , , anticarious antidiuretic , mingmu , help digestion , antitoxic , sterilization , prevent constipation , inebriation and others
2 , xinhui : psyc spleen , , better lungs , relieving negative , stomachic millesimals the socialization , rutong cough relieving five dirty , fluidal wine disearse . leather carotenoids , vitamin c , itamin p pulmotors than content of .

5 tea
each pj tea Penicillium separable 4 ~ 5 times , seedcase and tea scourability at the same time bubble drinking , tea soup for liver color , shading along with monarch dainty . such as have superfluous orange also can be used as superintends cooking ingredients use , can .

6 storage
new orange peel pu'er and to the time storage good , away from the high hygrogram , high temperature , more , in a cool dry . vintage Penicillium tea cucation the more you put the , the efficacies better !