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According to historical statistics, the red date is a special species with a long tradition and a high reputation in its birthplace China. Archeologists have found the fossil of a date core in the cultural site of Feiligang, Xinzheng, which is a testament to its 8000-plus-year history of production in China. As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty, fermented red dates were used to make red date wine, which was served as a tribute or used to treat guests and friends. In the remote antiquity, people had found that red dates could supplement nutrition and improve health conditions. Han Feizi recorded how the Qin State used red dates and chestnuts to relieve famines. That explains why the folks have been regarded the red date as one of the major crops.The medical properties of the red dates were found and recorded quite early in history. For example, starting from Shengnong's Classic of Materia Medica (Shennong Bencao Jing), medical works from the succeeding dynasties also included relevant records and increasingly deepened understandings of their abilities to preserve health and cure diseases. Up till now, the red dates have been regarded as an important tonic. Red date, also known as Chinese date or jujube, has been listed in the five important fruits, namely, peach, plum, waxberry, apricot and red date, since ancient times

It is unfortunate that even today they are not very popular in Western food and diet therapy culture. Many people do not know that chinese dates have such beneficial effects for human health. In this article I would like the share the benefits of Chinese red dates.

Chinese red dates are one of the most popular foods used for health. Dried chinese dates are red, soft on the outside with a sweet smell. Inside being soft and moist. Throughout all seasons they are available from a Chinese market or grocer as well as through the world. Chinese people treat dates not only as a food but also as a health tonic and a traditional herb. Many traditional herbal formulas include dates as they are used for balancing the formula, Qi and blood for the body. Likewise they are also used in dishes to balance the food. On special occasions many people buy quality dates and give these as gifts to their friends and relatives.

Improving insomnia

Chinese dates are suitable for people who have insomnia from lack of Qi and blood. Chinese medicine considers one of the major causes of insomnia is due to Qi and blood deficiency such as the blood being unable to moisturize the liver and heart causing a ying and yang disorder. This will cause problems with sleeping. Usually this can cause the following symptoms; light sleep (easy to be woken), lots of vivid dreams, lack of energy from the beginning of the day. These people may also experience dizziness, lower blood pressure, palpitations, pale skin, and shortness of breath especially during activities or tremorring hands when tired. For these people it is suitable to eat Chinese dates whilst undergoing treatment. (Please check recipe below)

To help protect the liver, reduce cholesterol and prevent cancer

I will share some information from modern science research which is noted in Traditional Chinese Text Book mentions chinese dates contain high levels of Vitamin C, also having the function of protecting the liver, help reduce cholesterol and increase the bodies immune system and may help reduce the risk of cancer.


Chinese dates can be eaten many ways, but in general they are very easy to cook. First of all, you can eat fresh dates as they are. Secondly, you are able to cook them with porridge, steamed rice or as a soup. I suggest that adults eat 5 dates at once, three or four times a week for general health care.

1) How to cook chinese red date porridge

One hand full of white rice
5 chinese red dates (remove the seed)
3 cups of water

Bring the rice and whole dates to the boil and simmer until the rice is soft and the liquid is sticky (around 30 minutes). After cooking the porridge smell is very nice with a taste which is mildly sweet. It is best to eat when warm. However during summer you can eat the porridge at room temperature. You can have a small bowl of chinese date porridge for breakfast or for desert.

Effects: Strengthens the digestive system and tonifies blood.

2) How to cook chinese dates and lotus seed porridge

This porridge is cooked the same way as chinese date porridge, but instead of using 5 chinese dates you also add 5 lotus seeds.

EffectsTonifying spleen function and increases blood and helps those with sleeping issues.

3) Beef bone soup with red dates

1kg Beef bones with a little meat
8 cups of water
20 Chinese red dates

Cook and boil the beef bone until it is boiled. Then cook slowly for 4 hours. 30 minutes before eating add the chinese red dates and cook. You can add salt and pepper for taste and your favorite vegetables.

Effects: Increases energy and blood and warms the circulation.


1) For the following conditions it is best to lessen the amount or avoid eating chinese red dates; constipation, smelly stool, stomach bloating and body heat or fever, red face, bad breathe, cough with yellow phlegm, worms, teeth disease including gum and tooth pain or infection, and mouth ulcers.

2) If you are unsure whether you should eat chinese date please advise your Health practitioner.


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