Cordyceps militaris coffee

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Shelf Life: 24 months
Brand Name: Loongrich
Flavor: Spices & Herbs
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Decaffeinated
Item Type: Instant Coffee

Product Description

Product name: 250 g cordyceps militaris coffee

Rules: 25 g/bags 10 bags/box

Protect quality issue: 24 months

Applicable people: for patients with chronic bronchial patients, emphysema, pulmonary tuberculosis patients, bronchial asthma, night sweats, impotence spermatorrhea.

Coffee culture

In China, people more and more love to drink coffee. Enter the "coffee culture" is full of life every moment. No matter at home or in the office, or various social occasions, people in the coffee: it gradually and fashion. Caffeine stimulates the brain nerve center and muscles, can make muscles to eliminate fatigue, make a person feel very exciting, improve work efficiency. Chinese caterpillar fungus has the repair is deficient, benefit essence, the efficacy of immune regulation, coffee and the perfect combination of Chinese caterpillar fungus, even in the hot summer can also be full of energy.

Cordyceps militaris nutritional value

1. The modern pharmacology research results, cordyceps militaris containing acid by about 7%, sugar 28.9%, fat 8.4%, about 25% protein.

2. 82.2% unsaturated fatty acid in cordyceps militaris, in addition, it contains vitamin B12, ergot six carbon fatty alcohol, sugar alcohols, such as a variety of alkaloids.

Efficacy and role

Cordyceps militaris chopped 1. Modern science argument not only have special nutritional value, and have obvious medicinal value. Especially in acid, cordycepin, cordyceps polysaccharide.

2. Cordycepin (3 '- deoxyadenosine) : antiviral, antibacterial, inhibit tumor growth and interference RNA and DNA synthesis of the human body.

3. Cordycepic acid (D - mannitol) : prevention and treatment of cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, kidney failure, diuresis.

4. Adenosine, antiviral, antibacterial, prevention and treatment of cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, inhibit platelet accumulation to prevent thrombosis, remove surface spots, fight decline anti-wrinkle. 5

5. Cordyceps polysaccharide: enhance immunity, anti-aging, centralizer thrift, protect the heart, liver, anti convulsion.

6. Ergosterol: cancer, prevent failure, attenuated.

7. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) : to restrain or eliminate people aged super oxygen free radical formation and cancer, prevent failure, attenuated

Using fresh, high quality, the finest Indonesian coffee beans and cordyceps militaris powder as the main raw material, through grade appraisal, mixed, baking, grinding, extraction, evaporation, spray drying process refined but become. In retain the original flavor and rich aroma of coffee at the same time, specially added a variety of functional ingredients, nutrition by the scientific and reasonable proportion, bring you incomparable healthy, active enjoy traditional coffee!

The use of the coffee cup

Drinking coffee after dinner, are generally use cup out of pocket. This cup of cup ear small fingers can not wear out. But even with larger cups, also do not through the ear cup to end the cup with your fingers. Coffee cup's correct method, should be the thumb and forefinger cup handle of the cup again.

Coffee with sugar

To coffee with sugar, sugar available coffee spoon scoop, direct to join in the cup; Also can use sugar tongs first put the sugar in the coffee the close side of the disc, then use the coffee spoon add sugar in a glass. If direct use sugar tongs or hand put the sugar into the cup, can sometimes make coffee spills, and dirty clothes or table cloth.

The use of the coffee spoon

Coffee spoon is specially used to stir the coffee, coffee drinkers should put it out. Don't use the coffee spoon scoop a spoonful of a spoonful of coffee to drink slowly, and don't use the sugar in the coffee spoon to mash cup.

The coffee is too hot to cool

Just brewed coffee is too hot, can use the coffee spoon in the cup gently stirring cooling, or wait for its natural cooling, and then drink it. Try to blow cold coffee, with the mouth is very bad.

The use of cups and saucers

Serving coffee cups and saucers are special. Positive or on the right side, they should be placed on the drinker cup ear should be pointing to the right. Drink coffee, can with the right hand holding a coffee cup ears, left hand lightly holds the saucer, light sip slowly move to the mouth. Should not be full master cup, gulping down, unfavorable also bow go coffee cup. When drinking coffee, don't make a sound. Add coffee, don't pick up the coffee cup from the saucer.

Coffee tasting methods

The flavor of the coffee has the branch of shade, so, not like a cup of tea or cola, continuous drink three, four, and is the most just in formal coffee cup. Ordinary coffee with a 80-100 cc for the right amount, sometimes if you want to drink three or four consecutive, then will of dilute concentrations of coffee or join a lot of milk, but still want to consider the degree of physical demand, to add and subtract the concentration of the coffee, also is not to be bored with or the feeling of nausea, and on the deployment of sugar also might as well change more, make more delicious coffee. Hot drink is necessary condition of delicious coffee, even in the hot days of summer drink hot coffee, is the same.

Receive a visitor in the coffee

Treat people drink coffee at home, as owners do not help the guest, especially when the guest is also a coffee lover, let them yourself or with milk or sugar, so also show respect for the guests taste. Because they are very exquisite. And you have to carefully to understand coffee connoisseur to prepare a cup of cold water, make the guest can alternate between drinking water and coffee taste the taste of the coffee.

In a friend's home to drink coffee, don't mention it, would strike after drinking coffee, it didn't seem polite. But don't sigh the coffee drink, and to drink slowly. If you want to chat, the cold coffee make it cool, it is a waste of the host of a mind.