Colin Blue Mountain Black Coffee Beans Central America Original Lightly Roasted 454g Sugar-free Freshly Ground Coffee Beans

price: US $45.00
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Weight: 0.454
Shelf Life: 365DAYS
Packaging: Bag
Item Type: Coffee beans
place of production: mainland china
sacchariferous whether: sugar-free
coffee type: blue mountain coffee bakeshops

Product Description

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Ingredients: Central American 100% Arabica beans imported freshly roasted Arabica Black Coffee Blue Mountain coffee beans Storage: Store in sealed cans keep dry ventilated Shelf life: 365 days Food Additives: No (sugar-free milk, 100% natural coffee beans have been roasted) Packing: Packing Weight (g): 454 Goods bar code: 6956320600083 Coffee Taste: mellow Raw and cooked beans: Coffee beans cooked Brand Name: Colin Series: Featured Blue Mountain flavor black beans Does sugar: sugar-free Origin: China Province: Shanghai Coffee Category: Blue Mountain Coffee Baking Level: lightly roasted


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product knowledge

1, how to choose coffee beans: Made with fresh coffee beans. Note beans at the time of purchase the color and size of the particles is consistent, good coffee shiny shiny, and with a rich aroma and no mixed smell. No matter what kind of coffee beans, freshness is an important factor affecting the quality. When you purchase, grasping twelve coffee beans in the mouth to chew it, to the crisp sound (which means that coffee is not damp), cheek teeth is the top grade, but the best hand squeezed and feel is solid, rather than buy coffee crisp crust. Such as coffee beans have lost scent or smells Chen taste, it means it is no longer fresh coffee beans, not suitable for purchase. 2, just do the best roasted coffee beans: Just fried beans are not suitable for drinking immediately, so that the beans should be stored within one week of the gas is completely released. In general, the best drinking coffee week after a period of speculation, this time the freshest coffee beans, flavor (Aroma) taste best performance. 3, how to view the purity of coffee: The purity of coffee beans is also another consideration, experts candidate coffee, pour the particle size is not necessarily see, but grab a single product beans (Regional Coffee), about dozens of weight, take a look at every single one beans are the same color, particle size, shape is similar, so as not to get mixed beans garnished with lemons. But if it is integrated beans (Blended Coffee), size, color difference is normal phenomenon. 4, how to determine the coffee is not produced for a long time: Heavy fire and in the deep roasting method will cause the beans out of oil, but lighter roasted beans if the oil, then has changed, not only alcohol was reduced, but there will be astringency and acidity. In short coffee in the purchase should pay attention to its freshness, aroma and flavor without Chan, and the ideal number of purchases is half-can finish appropriate.
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