Coffee coffee royal three-in espresso instant coffee 700g skgs

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from AliExpress
Grade: Super
Weight: 700g
Shelf Life: 720 day
Brand Name: 3-in-one three-in
Flavor: Chocolate
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Instant Coffee

Product Description

1. Anti-ageness;
2. Anti-cancer;
3. Prevent arteriosclerosis;
4. Avoid diabetes;
5. Lose weight and strengthen the body;
6. Prevent tooth decay;
7. Anti-bacteria and treat diarrhoea;
8. Reduce fever and remove pathogenic fire;
9. Refresh and improve memory and concentration;
10. Sober up and quit smoking.
Tea utensils should be delicate, better with spring water. Boil the water up, first get the pot heated, put the tea into the teapot about half of the pot, fill it with boiling water, scrape the bubble with the cover, and smother it for a while. Then you will smell a special aroma. After about 5-20 minutes, slowly pour the tea out, one for each person. Smell the flavor first, and taste, drink it slowly, you will feel mouthful aroma, and sweet aftertaste. Keep sealed and put in the cool cold place or refrigerator, with the temperature of 0-18 degrees (Attention must be paid to: make sure the tea is sealed up, meanwhile can’t put together with another odor, in case of taint of odor)