chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum petals add cooked Pu’er Pu’er ripe Pu’er tea made from chrysanthemum fragrance charm

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: The long the better
Age: 1 - 2 Years
Brand Name: Jishunhao
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bowl
Certification: QS

Product Description

Tenda No. Value chrysanthemum tea cooked

Chrysanthemum - cooked tea

Chrysanthemum Pu'er ripe tea is a traditional sweet chrysanthemum tea at tea after joining obtained , its fragrant and elegant , sweet and alcohol, depression , alcohol rhyme with sweet tea , also prepared a pleasant fragrance of chrysanthemum

Tea with three generations of experience , focusing on improving Mini Tuo Method in secret recipe stir dedication incense Pu'er Tuo series ! Factory direct supply , ensuring Genuine ! Obvious to all of excellent quality, the number of one million annual sales , rave reviews ! To cast the brand reputation ! After brewing leaves intact , complete with tea making ! Drink flavor Pu'er Pu'er really appreciate incense ; drink Pu'er flowers , enjoy the fragrance fragrance !

Value chrysanthemum tea cooked
Chrysanthemum - cooked tea

Open the color red and thick soup , unique aroma , mellow taste with sweet aftertaste , making five , after six still smell . After refreshing drink

A friend would not be very worried about this leaves broken , you can learn about the production process of the mini Tuo , which is to complete the tea to make a little bit of chopped , just not with very fine production, are in line with requirements of the tea shop belong to similar products in the most complete , and all the big leaf branches . Drink not broken

Value chrysanthemum tea cooked
Chrysanthemum - cooked tea
Yoshiie mini Tuo , convenient , small, fully in accordance with strict proportion to the perfect combination of flowers and Pu'er , ensure that you liked a drink ,

Translucent orange liquor , taste glycol fragrance. Mellow , durable resistant foam , long aftertaste !

Jijia Ping Tuo when a small drink , taste light type , after dinner cup , to greasy , scraping oil ... ( words somewhat ambiguous ) beauty of you know you ...

Mo to see her low prices , but tastes oh leverage , factory direct store zero link , eliminating the need for merchants discount benefits, so they buy PP tea is very good value

chrysanthemum tea cooked

PS: Mowen Yoshiie why so red bubble tea , because tea Dacheng also.

Gossip : It is said that an appropriate extension of the period , appropriate to increase the amount that what what , in fact, you can also suitable for heavy flavors of ... oh PP were

Chrysanthemum - cooked tea

Size faint want to compete dollar currency names too fat to catch the foot , portable, mini- compact, which boasted cargo child said: dare to kill a family of small Tuo , it seems only shop around to check that the goods of the energy , but she is also ashamed of the Department, said: I hand- pressed , the weight varies, pulling in between 4-5 grams

Kat mini tea house parts 4 grades, grade Pu'er tea tree distinction is based on age to separate , age longer , taste better to the relative , the price to be slightly more expensive point :

Alcohol series ( premium ) 3 hair a

Chen series ( branches ) 7 Gross a

Ancient Series ( bud tip ) 2 yuan a

Tribute Series ( trees ) 5 yuan a