Chinese puer tea 357g chinese puer tea 357g puerh raw puerh cake pu erh raw puer shu puerh tea 357g lose weight fast 357 grams

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: 540 days
Age: 5 - 10 Years
Brand Name: TeaNaga
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: QS

Product Description

Treasurer recommended
TeaNaga spend establish factories in Pu'er , Yunnan , Pu'er tea for you to offer authentic goods, not the same as the attitude of tea, Pu'er tea cakes Arts Futang focused accompany your quiet good years .

Alcohol Lie Pu'er tea cakes ( fresh cake ) is the raw material culled from old Pu'er tea mountain tea , this tea cake pie correct, full Lorain . After brewing lasting fragrance , smell delightful, soup green Huang Mingliang , drink up the taste of alcohol . AndLie alcohol has been a registered trademark of Arts Futang, Arts Futang give consumers are safe and high quality health products.

Lie alcohol What does this mean?
Alcohol , said a strong , full-bodied meaning Lie said that the meaning is clear , the general review of the tea , good quality tea mellow taste , tea and clear, bright, alcohol Lie also said tea taste fresh , fresh, dense .
Lie Pu'er what are the characteristics of alcohol ?
[Materials ] excellent good shapeArts Futang alcohol Lie Pu'er tea cakes ( fresh cake ) is the raw material culled from old mountain tea Pu'er tea , raw fat, tender uniform, cake type correct , elastic moderate, dark green in color with a lip sense .
[ Bar ] mellow lasting tasteLie Arts Futang alcohol after Pu'er tea cakes ( fresh cake ) bubble out lasting fragrance , green tea Huang Mingliang , taste is mellow sweet , five-year expected to enhance the durability Chen , after 20 bulbs still taste mellow, sweet cheek teeth .
[ Quality improvement of prices ]Alcohol Lie Pu'er tea cakes , bursts of fragrance for Cape or just like to drink raw tea drinkers who contacted , and affordable , for the alcohol on the basis of qualitative higher quality requirements of patrons who really is not much get the tea.
[ Authentic ] Pu'er raw tea cakeIndependent factory processing areas from Yunnan , why authentic ? Is to be authentic , original place to bring your leaves blowing in Yunnan style , quality Pu'er is like a time slipping through crevices in Xishuangbanna sky touch of sunshine , warm, fresh, this is a experience through time and space , Arts Futang give you not only a quality , as well as the share of unique landscapes and feelings.
TeaNaga Puer tea Cake weight: 357g
Arts Futang tea from Yunnan ancient tea leaf tree species , five years Chen materials, dry warehouse storage, from tea to the cup , eliminating the numerous intermediate links, to ensure Arts Futang tea affordable, high cost , do people drink from the healthy tea!

Drinking Pu'er , taste history
Tang and Song Dynasties , " tea fight " campaign fashion world , this is fun . At that time, the vast majority of tea produced around the country are " steaming and cake of steamed and Corporations " , the process is very particular about the great investment of resources , quite a luxury. Why only now that tea ( tea and other individual species) retain all shapes cake, group waiting for? This is one of the first Ming emperor anecdote but also from talking about . Saying the founding emperor Zhu Yuanzhang , originally grass-roots origin , childhood cattle , when a monk after monk also walk through begging , life is very poor .
He looked at when people of all kinds of luxury living is not pleasing to the eye , heart is very offensive. Including the " bucket of tea ," he says farmers have invested a lot of time and effort to make tea cakes , tea group , and VIPs who spend a lot of money to "fight tea" fun lifestyle is wrong, is a resource a splurge . So the emperor in the " counter-attack " success , when the emperor , "waste group -tea loose tea ," the New Deal is introduced . AD 1391 , the emperor a purpose , " stop making Dragon group, but mining bud to enter ," so then " tea fight " of the wind swept away. Tribute tea in the country to implement reforms quickly , and thus led to the social atmosphere to the plain and simple changes. Thus , the domestic variety of tea and went to a face-lift . In this wave of reform , because the tea produced in Yunnan , remoteness , different culture , beyond the reach of the implementation of the New Deal , tea cakes , and other group was able to retain the shape of the process so far, thankfully .
Basic Information

Arts Futang Pu'er tea cakes are regular production, tissue paper packaging, sealing paste , the fly, security code, readily available, these are regular Pu'er tea cakes must have . Parents can rest assured to buy oh ! This is not only beautifully packaged tea cakes , and good quality, whether it is used or given away his collection , are very good choice !
Lie Pu'er alcohol is good , but also pay attention to reasonable drink oh. Scientific drinking alcohol Lie Pu'er is good to ensure a healthy life.
TeaNaga Pu'er tea is better but cheaper!
Pu'er tea can be referred to as " raw Pu ' , close to the sun in the quality of raw tea green , green, yellow soup is also showing the characteristics of this point and cooked Poor's very different, but Pu'er tea steaming experienced repression, since unlike green Maocha , in addition to more familiar Cape , the aroma of raw Pu also exudes a distinct fresh aroma. And long-term storage, more mellow flavor .
Pu'er cakes , shape correct , full, color green with dark green and moist, accompanied by an aroma , dry tea had just addictive.
Four Seasons tea accompanied
Choose a certain degree of fermentation Blending raw and cooked tea or tea , this tea both warm , but also active , four tea , a good choice.
Strict quality raw materials
Arts Futang alcohol Lie tea cake ( raw tea ) to select high-quality five- Chan material , the use of the best technology, take you away from downtown and enjoy the pastoral style .
Mellow sweet fragrance lasting
Arts Futang alcohol Lie tea cake ( raw tea ) , clean, mellow taste sweet , fragrant and long-lasting , leaving Phyllanthus , was praised as " may entrance antique" !
Beautifully packaged full taste
Arts Futang careful research and development , affordable , beautifully packaged, high cost, very suitable for just contact friends drinking Pu'er living a good mood.
dry tea
Five years, Chen materials, safety and health
Boiling down, pour soup Huang Liang
Fragrance lasting, mellow sweet
How to drink puer tea?
The following describes the specific case of tea drinking . Because tea flavor less likely to soak out , it must be brewed with boiling water .
How to take out the puer tea?
Seventies of last century before the old basic with green tea cake , raw tea -based, allowed contact with air, natural changes arising after fermentation , the longer the storage time , the more alcohol quality tea . Best stored in humidity, moderate temperature, ventilation environment.

TeaNaga Pu'er , drink out of more than a taste,but also safe!
Drink Pu'er people , almost always sustained collection of some tea, Pu'er has thus gradually sublimated into a drink art , as each one has its own tea cake story, in the time being , the person destined silent waiting .
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