Chinese Food Condiment Amomum Tsaoko Dried Fruit Natural Ecological Spices Cook Stew for Keeping Hot Pot Spices Net Weight 50g

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Chinese Food Condiment Amomum Tsaoko Dried Fruit Ecological Natural Spices Cook Stew for Keeping Hot Pot Spices Net Weight 50g

Product Description:

Grass fruit (scientific name: Amomum tsaoko), is a plant of the ginger family amomum, strawberry fruit, nuts aliases grass, grass fruit.

Stems clustered, up to three meters, the whole plant has oct aroma, somewhat similar to the underground part of the ginger. Leaves oblong or oblong, 40-70 cm, unbranched spike, 13-18 cm long, corolla red. Capsule dense, ripe red, dry brown, dried fruits oval, with three blunt edge, length of 2 to 4 cm in diameter and 1 to 2.5 cm. Cracking, long oval. Seeds polygonal, with a rich flavor.

Grown in tropical and subtropical moist forest areas shaded in China Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou, the main Distribution. Yunnan, China is a major producer of fruit grass, has been 200 years of history. Strawberry has a specific aroma, spicy, bitter, a flavoring, a special rich spicy flavor. Dried fruit is used as Chinese seasonings and herbs.

Cooking uses:

Amomum tsaoko has a special strong spicy flavor, can remove the smell of fish, increase appetite, the share is cooking sauce, it was hailed as "one of spiced" food seasonings in.

Amomum tsaoko used to cook food, except when the fishy smell of mutton can enhance the flavor of dishes, cooked fish and meat, with grass and fruit its flavor better.

When beef and mutton stew, put some grass and fruit, even mutton fresh and delicious, but the sheep smell repellent. Modulation fine brine and cooked meat, dishes and other flavoring, such as strawberry pot beef; and if the seal Yunnan specialty chicken also use the Amomum tsaoko flavoring.

Taboo: Qi or blood loss, no real evil cold, should eat grass and fruit.

Green bean stew duck strawberry production materials:

Ingredients: duck 1500 g
Accessories: strawberry 15 grams, 250 grams of red bean
Seasoning: 10 grams of salt, green onions

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