Chinese aphrodisiac specialty – Jin Suoyang instant coffee – coffee combined with wild plants cynomorium – delay increases penis

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Weight: 150g
Flavor: Spices & Herbs
Item Type: Instant Coffee

Product Description

Cynomorium, also known as old drug, cynomorium succulent perennial parasitic herb. One kind of parasitic plants, wild in the Gobi desert, in the zero growth of 20 Optimum growth shall not be snow, to ice-free. A kidney and intestines, cure impotence, hematuria and other effects. Cynomorium is a commonly used Chinese medicine grows in dry sandy areas, and more parasitic on the roots of white thorn. Main effects: kidney and intestines. Impotence, hematuria, Xueku constipation, weak atrophy weak. • Production License number: 622115050027 • Make: Jiuquan Jinsuo Yang Natural Health Products Co., Ltd. • Address: Jiuquan Industrial Park (West Park) by six four-wai • Manufacturers Contact: 0937-2802181 • Ingredients: instant coffee extract cynomorium • Storage: cool and dry place • Shelf Life: 720 • Food additives: sugar • Packing: Packing • Weight (g): 120 • Brand: Jin Suoyang • EAN Code: 6932074361784 • Packing: Gift Box • whether sugar: sugar • whether organic food: Yes • Origin: China • provinces: Gansu Province • City: Jiuquan City • Special Product categories: Cynomorium coffee