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Style: Compressed Tea
Age: 41 - 50 Years
Certification: QS
Grade: AAAAA
Weight (kg): 0.345-0.357
Packaging: Bowl
Shelf Life: the older the better
Brand Name: Chinese Tea Co

Product Description

This tea cake is made of tea leaves plucked from wild tea trees. the tea cake is made by compressing tea leaves plucked from wild tea trees hundreds of years old, the tea has top-grade quality and is well worth collecting like an antique. It also contains rich nutrients and is very good for health. It is favoured by tea lovers.

Pu'er Tea 10 health tea

1, refreshing 2,diuretic 3, preventing tooth decay 4, alcohol and tobacco virus solution 5, prevent arteriosclerosis 6, anti heavy metal poison to the human body 7, anti-cancer, anti radiation 8, anti-aging, anti influenza 9, beauty skin 10,weight loss, enhance immunity Brewing Puerh Tea To make tea must control the water temperature, which greatly effect the aroma and tasty of the tea soup. Pu'er Tea requests the boiled water of the 95~100. How much tea can depend on personal taste, generally, 3-5 grams tea properly with 150 milliliters water, and the proportion of tea to water between 1:50-1:30. For the tea purer aroma, it is necessary to warm tea, i.e., pour out the boiled water immediately for the first time, which can have 1-2 times. The speed must be quick so that the taste of the tea soup can be prevented from influence. While really starting, about a minute the tea soup can be poured into the public cup, and then continue the second. With more times, the time can be prolonged slowly, from 1 minute to a few minutes gradually, which can keep the even density of tea soup.