Cheap Taiwan temperature pumpkin pot flower pot coffee pot teapot green flowers and fruit tea

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item Type: Herbal
Tea Types: Teapot
Price range: 20 yuan -39.9 yuan
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Product Description

Packing: Independent beautifully boxed, tea or gifts to share with friends and family and so dignified!

Expansion coefficient: 3.3

Instant temperature difference: -20 to 150

Use: suitable for green tea, black tea, jasmine tea, oolong tea, Pu'er tea, craft tea, fruit tea and other tea utensils, Widely used in coffee, hotel, teahouse, restaurant and other places!

Product Features:

1. Using high-borosilicate green glass, not aging fog, crystal clear, good texture. Especially for home use.

2, high transparency: transparent glass material can be directly Perspective brewing process, enjoy tea / tea / fruit tea stretch MT

3. Original reproduce: Because nonporous glass features will not absorb the flavor of tea, so you can enjoy the flavor of one hundred percent, and easy to clean, no residual taste.

4, elegant: designed specifically for brewing tea, crystal texture, you can see the flowers and tea light brown, to fully enjoy the fun of tea

5. has good mechanical strength. Thermal shock to the temperature change has a strong performance.

6. acid and other chemicals, corrosion resistance strong force.

Instruction manual:

Holding furnace use: candles burning insulation, the wick in use for some time, with a pair of scissors to cut off the black core portion, otherwise the wick is too large, flames blackened easy to glassware.

Alcohol stove use:

Close the lid can be removed alcohol bottles

Gently press the cover by counterclockwise rotation can easily open alcohol bottle

Do not move the hob immediately after use to avoid scalding


Utensils with metal materials is not into the microwave because microwaves can not penetrate metal, resulting in the microwave reflection, the consequences are so devices emitting microwaves generate heat as well as damage. Remember before initial use, use detergent to clean the teapot;

Gently, to prevent altitude drop or sharp mechanical shock, can not bump the glass to avoid scratching.

Found damaged or crack, please stop using it. Prohibit holding teapot from the human body through the top.

First into the water or drink when heated, and the appearance of the water pot clean.

Note: Do not empty burning; the ban on cold or warm hot pot desktop Do not allow children to exposure to the product, such as in the use of this product have children in the next, please pay attention to the child's safety!