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Joan of dried fruit is ripe cherry tomatoes made after drying, preserving the original variety of nutritional cherry tomatoes, sweet and sour, delicious and convenient storage, is an excellent snack food, oh. Xinjiang's Joan of dried fruit quality especially Ay, because there are suitable for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables in Xinjiang unique climate, temperature, long sunshine hours, rainfall, planting cherry tomatoes regardless of taste or nutritional elements, have a unique advantage.

Cherry tomatoes nutritious and low in calories, many models rely on eating cherry tomatoes to keep fit. Its rich acidic juice can help you balance the skin PH value. The skin is black and rough people, you can add egg blue cherry fruit powder applied to the face, stay for about 15 minutes then rinse with water, a great help in removing dead skin facial. Cherry tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C, vegetables, cherry fruit powder were mixed in a little honey and rub on the face, ten minutes later cleaned every day insistence whitening.

Joan fruity, creatinine, and flat, with detoxification, cooling Pinggan, lower blood pressure, thirst, stomach and digestion keys and other effects. Hypertension, heart disease, hepatitis disease, kidney disease, and if eaten every day, good for our health. If ordinary people are often eaten raw tomatoes, to prevent high blood pressure is also very beneficial.