cagliari Italy espressoi 100 Nescafe coffee capsule machine designed for capsule

price: US $429.80
from AliExpress
item Type: Fruit Tea
Shelf Life: 18 months
Sale form: Bulk
Product Category: Coffee
Whether imported: It is
Have Chinese label: No
Country of origin: Italy
Raw materials and ingredients: Coffee beans

Product Description

Net content (specifications):500 (g)
Packing:5 * 100ml (this example is filled, do not choose, please self-administered)

Bulk procurement / processing customization / distribution agent, please contact customer service Want / or QQ1066218982

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Italy cagliari designed for Nestle Nespresso coffee capsules coffee capsules 100 Set

Buy 100 to send five coffee capsules

Italian espresso with foam machine, the better.

MeaningItalian origin of premium coffee capsules, sold several million tablets a day in Europe,Espresso capsules official website

14 years of production, shelf life of 18 months. Can be used for various types of Nestle capsule machine (except U series machine NA)

Italian origincagliariCoffee capsulesWe have 100 years of history, because the focus on the passion for coffee!The espresso tastes like the real person comes