Bushy Tailed Dark Roast Coffee, from Nectar of Life. Whole Bean Coffee. Full Body. Thick & Citrus Spicy. Nicaragua & Colombian

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Flavor: Chocolate
Item Type: Instant Coffee

Product Description

Bushy Tailed Whole Bean Coffee is a GRADE ONE Sumatran, Nicaraguan & Colombian whole bean coffee blend from Nectar of Life.

Our coffee blends are: 100% Organic 100% Fair Trade 100% Arabica Coffee - no inferior robusta EVER! Kosher. Shade grown. FDA approved

Gourmet grade. Strictly High Grown & Strictly High Grade whole bean coffee blend. (Beans are grown at elevation and allowed to mature slowly - creating a complex, smooth and rich flavour.

Bushy Tailed Whole Bean Coffee Blend:

Dark roast coffee blend. Perfect for drip coffee, french press coffee, vacuum pot coffee, pour over coffee, espresso coffee.

The dark Nicaraguan whole beans produce a sharp bite which mellows out into a smooth dark cocoa after-taste. Overall infusion is orange peel spice, coconut, dark cocoa, earthy, silky smooth and rich. Medium to low acidity with a bitterness to match. A strong taste which still comes through when mixed with a healthy dose of milk or cream!

Nectar of Life Coffees are bagged immediately after roasting. Coffee emits carbon dioxide gas (CO2) for several hours after roasting. Nectar of Life packages the coffee in heat sealed foil laminate bags equipped with one-way degassing valves. By immediately bagging the coffee oxygen is naturally flushed from the bags by the CO2 gas, which keeps the coffee fresh (unopened) for a full year.

Some coffee roasters store pre-roasted coffee in silos and bag as needed. Even if they use nitrogen flushing and vacuum bagging their coffees are going to be stale. Once oxygen is introduced to roasted coffee (after degassing) the process of going stale has begun.