Bowl puerh tea puer 100g Chinese yunnan china the health care organic pu’er tea pu er for man women weight loss products

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: 7300 days
Brand Name: Pu'Er Tea
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bowl
Certification: QS
Weight (kg): 100g

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Bowl puerh tea puer 100g Chinese yunnan china the health care organic pu'er tea pu er for man women weight loss products

Gross weight : 100g

Pu-Erh Tea health function:

Puerh is a large leafed tea from the Yunnan province in China and has been famous as a medicinal tea. The secret of making Pu er has been closely guarded in China for centuries. The tea leaves are collected from growers of a special broad-leaf tea tree, which are said to be related to ancient prehistoric tea trees.

Puer Tea Function:

1.Health tea is rich in polyphenols, anti-radiation, anti-cancer, sex is cool, heat, summer heat, detoxification, thirst-quenching fluid, digestion, constipation and other effects;

2. Cooked, fermented tea, in the action of the enzyme, but also generate a lot of new nutrients, and therefore on the basis of ordinary tea, there are more effects, such as: lipid-lowering, weight loss, lowering blood pressure, anti-atherogenic , anti-cancer, anti-cancer, stomach Huwei, protect teeth, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anti-aging.

Raw Tea:

Tea cake of color and aroma - tea cake with green tea, dark green-based, some turn red and yellow, the new tea cake flavor usually obvious (here say the taste is not the taste of tea, you smell the cake surface directly taste on) if high temperatures, there are drying sweet incense.

Taste - taste strong, high irritation, if the high temperature, the tea fragrance, sweet water and thin, slightly astringent.

Soup - with green, green-based.

Securinega - new tea products to green, yellow-green, dark green-based, high activity, the more flexible and elastic.

Ripe tea:

Tea cake color and aroma - tea cake tea color is black or reddish-brown, and some bud is dark golden yellow with a thick pile-flavor, similar to the musty, fermented longan light has a similar flavor, fermentation heavy Ownership stuffiness mats flavor.

Taste - thick sweet water, almost no bitterness, resistant foam.

Soup - degree of fermentation mostly crimson light, severe degree of fermentation mainly black.

Securinega - fermentation degree Securinega light is red-brown, but not flexible, re-fermented by Yedi much dark brown or black, hard and brittle.

" There are bell rings , wrinkles inside the bell , even if the suspended bell of the world, have not stopped for a second ," time is not stopped for any views. So people exhausted all means , keep the good , just as people are trying to retain their youth the same. Spring walked away red busy pace of our lives , in order to retain the 2013 spring tail, Xinyi Road " Da Qing " was born, and selection of high quality 2013 spring and into the end zone Menghai tea tea refined, belongs to Yunnan Small leaf tea tree , made into Tuocha after the cable tight knot dark green , glossy , exudes seductive honey , after brewing , liquor color Huang Liang , clear, cool entrance fragrant , sweet good

Green Da , 100g / da . Raw materials from Menghai tea area , the Department of the spring and the spring of 2013 End of tea , shaped like buns , pressing very uniform , cord plump , aroma leisurely. New this year, the new tea , like to drink new tea friends , you can receive a drink , if you do not like it , we recommend two or three years in the collection of tasting , taste better , oh , then we look at from the outside but inside it right

Da Qing , is pressed tea , cable tight knot and plump , with a little tea stems , many of my friends would walk into misunderstanding , that there is a bad tea stems , and it is not , oh. Upon receipt , you can try with tea stems of tea, after the bubble open more full-bodied taste , remove the tea stems of tea, soaked after more heavy and mellow taste , do not have a flavor

Uncover tureen moment, aroma nostrils, refreshing, golden soup carved entrance Xianshuang , after a slight bitter , sweet tea , and your mouth will be filled , to bring you a fresh feeling

Tea, not just to enjoy the color, smell, taste, shape, rhyme beauty , more importantly, is a state of mind . Buddha Therefore in the air colorless, that want to line knowledge,colorless , sounds, smells . In fact, the world of glitz experienced , and when I look back, is not that short moment it? More like this cup of tea, deep , if youthful , light breeze if

Tea bottom soft ductile

Tips: As the commodity production capacity, not a day will be able to produce finished , it will be not the same dates , merchandise date you receive the goods shall prevail , here we use only one of the dates as taking pictures , not as proof of purchase , for reference , such as a friend very mind dates, please carefully shot