Blue Label Wo Lunfen Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee 8 oz

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Grade: A
Weight: 0.227
is_customized: Yes
Shelf Life: 365
Brand Name: Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Ground Coffee

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100% 4 finrod warren jamaica blue mountain coffee 8 ounce attached certificate

gunnysack packed in bags 8 ounce = 227 15g


new arrival quality guarantee period a batch of due date : overstimulates please and customer service contact

blue mountain coffee 1486 belongs to card coffee ( good for grow 900 ~ at altitudes 2000 m high hillslope ) , need height
artificial intensive care , high yield .
jamaica blue mountain coffee beans best for roasting degree : nonserious - moderate .
shape : beans full , than general arabica beans o cards prang , adaxially rateassumes the long oval shape , narrow middle crack and labyrinthian , two end some snubby micromicro baked and the spermatogenetic many .
coffee bean : true blue mountain coffee beans growth in high altitudes , its structure loose cytoplasm , handmade coffee bean feel the crisp very continuous , not much resistance .
aroma : powerfull rich , lasting .
taste : true blue mountain coffee taste leugth , shamisen ( gainsbourg , acid , sweet ) proportionate , and durable with fruit flavor .
health : its caffeine very low content also not to other coffee half , and the growth of machining process green eco-friendly none pollution perioperation , monitoring the closenessof , fully comply with organic green food standard , these are extremely who health .

100% 4 finrod warren jamaica blue mountain coffee
100% wallenford blue jamaica blue mountain coffee
1988 years , jamaica by standard product company formation 4 this has a , it is made in the nomhon to the fenway manorial Warren bluemountain beans first level , via the jsp company with elaborate the baking processing manufacture . warren the fenway estates jamaica the earlist also is the largest blue coffee plantation , year for international market provide 40% blue mountain beans . standard and jamaica products ( jsp ) is jamaica oldest and cosmically , the earliest in modern coffee scientific management machining enterprise , local national the fotmder of industrial , celebrities foreign dignitaries jamaica lovely visitwith ( queen couples such as , new ) specifies also often muming visit , tasting coffee blue mountain alcohol .