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This paragraph is authentic qaidam black Chinese wolfberry, not black Chinese wolfberry in xinjiang, xinjiang is not the origin of black Chinese wolfberry, the price is very low, the effect is poor, a lot of dishonest inn-keeper with black Chinese wolfberry as qaidam black Chinese wolfberry in xinjiang, for profiteering)

Black fruit of Chinese wolfberry, called "Qiao Nuoying - Hal maag, Tibetan medicine name next to the" m ". Black fruit of Chinese wolfberry gan, ping, rich in protein, wolfberry polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients. Been scientifically tested and the content of calcium, iron, niacin, respectively 2.3, 4.6, 16.7 times, crabapple medlar and contain rich black fruit pigment - natural procyanidins (crabapple medlar contains no), the OPC content exceeding the blueberry (black Chinese wolfberry fruit containing OPC3690mg / 100 g; blueberries contain OPC330 ~ 3380 mg / 100 g), is so far, found that the highest content of OPC natural wild plants. Procyanidins OPC is one of the most effective natural water-soluble free radical scavenger, its efficacy is 50 times 20 times of Vc, VE.

The effect of traditional medicine on the black Chinese wolfberry black Chinese wolfberry can nourishing liver and kidney, benefit shrewd eyes, suitable for lumbar debility, dizziness, the symptom such as eyes are dim, factors influencing classic "the four medical", the beads material medica records of black fruit such as Chinese wolfberry attending heart disease, the * *, menoxenia, menopause, etc. "Uighur medicine journal account uygur medicine commonly used black fruit of Chinese wolfberry fruit and root bark * * urinary tract stones, tinea scabies, bleeding gums disease, such as folk nourishing and strong, and blood pressure drugs. Modern scientific research confirmed that the above statement, and that black fruit of Chinese wolfberry can lower cholesterol and excited the brain nerve, enhance immune function, prevention and treatment of * *, anti-aging and beauty, black Chinese wolfberry fruit extract can promote cell immune function, enhance lymphocyte proliferation and growth of tumor necrosis factor, of interleukins has two-way mediation effect, can alleviate diabetes more food, drink more weight loss.

Efficacy: invigorating the essence of life, raise liver, blood and nerves, thirst quenching, runfei cough. Hepatorenal Yin deficient, lumbar debility, dizziness, dizzy, faint than tears, consumptive cough and diabetes, spermatorrhea. Modern medicine is discussed about the black Chinese wolfberry effect Scientifically determine the black fruit of Chinese wolfberry contain vitamins and fat is much higher than euonymus goji berries. Calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, iron, lead, cobalt, nickel, cadmium, chromium, potassium, sodium, each element plays an important role in maintain the normal physiological function, compared with the red Chinese wolfberry, black Chinese wolfberry of iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper content is much higher than the average content of potassium, mn content is much lower than the average, sodium and its basic quite

Himself at home will have interesting color black Chinese wolfberry brew boiled water, water a blunt immediately to blue at the beginning, like the color of blue ink, grow pale blue for a while, then started to become red, violet slowly become after violet black, discolouration of the strange phenomenon is due to the black Chinese wolfberry in soaking process because of a change in water PH value, you can also give it a try.

Usage: We recommend about 20 grams per day of black adults wolfberry soaked drink (because black wolfberry fruit ingredients contained highly water-soluble, unfit soup, porridge and sparkling wine). Be sure to stick with long-term, soak a little every day, in order to be effective.

Please pay special attention to the black color is brewing wolfberry blue and purple are normal. Please be assured that drinking