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Weight (kg): 50g
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Make: Homemade farm
List of ingredients: Medlar
Storage methods: Cool and dry place, sealed
Packing: Package
Place of origin: Chinese mainland
City: Yinchuan

Product Description

[Origin] Zhongning
[Function] nourishing liver and kidney, benefits shrewd head
Dosage 6-12Gram/ Day, about three weeks available; decoction, brewing
[Storage] Store in cool dry place to prevent hot, moisture, decay

Ningxia wolfberry town, wolfberry origin of the Yellow Sea in the County is the world's longest history of planting Chinese wolfberry, the best place to quality, since the beginning of the Ming Dynasty cultivated medlar, dating back nearly600In history, the Ming Dynasty was listed as [tribute] Ning wolfberry nutritional value thanks to the County unique geographical and climatic conditions, large temperature, sunlight for a long time, planting wolfberry grievances with mineral-rich Yellow River irrigation, Therefore, the output of Chinese wolfberry large flesh, thin, sweet, high medicinal value, quality unrivaled in the world.

Indications nourishing liver and kidney, smart head. For Consumption sperm loss, waist and knee pain, dizziness, tinnitus, inner

Ningxia wolfberry heat diabetes, blood deficiency chlorosis, head faint unknown. Wolfberry contains 14 kinds of amino acids, and contains betaine, special nutrients, Yu Shu Flavin, acid berry red pigment, etc., it has extraordinary health benefits. Cited Wolfberry is rich in carotene, vitamins and calcium, iron and other essential nutrients for eye health, it has the power eyesight, commonly known as "sub-out eyes." Ancient physicians ** liver blood deficiency, depending on the material caused by yin deficiency and night blindness faint, often used medlar. Famous prescription "Qijudihuang pill" Take medlar as the main drugs.

Edible method]Soup, porridge, tea

[Effect]Liver purging fire, Yin eyesight, righting, spermatogenic complement marrow, Yin and kidney, Qi Anshen, physical fitness, anti-aging efficacy of atherosclerosis.