Arabica coffee-S&S Cafe beiwei brazil 1lb Fresh roasted body ! Free shiping

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Weight: 450
Shelf Life: 365days
Brand Name: S&S Cafe
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Coffee beans

Product Description

Arabica coffee-S&S Cafe beiwei brazil 1lb

Fresh roasted body! Free shiping

product :Haikou ,HaiNan ,China

Roasted: dark roasting

sepication :450g /bag

coffee :Brazil

Gongshan society based on sales Gaoligongshan Mountains , Nujiang River , Lujiangba areas of Yunnan local coffee beans mainly to local farmers planted the basis for the purpose of safeguarding the interests of coffee farmers , to promote self- rich , scientific cultivation , organic cultivation based. Homegrown integration, to international standards as guidelines for production planting . Farmers planted throughout the region retail production reached more than 3000 tons annual production , spanning 700-1500 m altitude , scattered Ministry Gaoligongshan Mountains , Nujiang River . Has a unique geographical environment factors , sunshine , sunlight, moisture , rain , soil, fog, vegetation. Coffee farming cooperatives covering history of cultivation is already the third generation . Arabica coffee in Baoshan , Yunnan Baoshan Lu Jiang, specialty, national geographical indication , is the global coffee until one of better quality coffee , uniform particles plump , fresh smell , aroma , mellow taste , with a strong but not strong, with well-known World 's Blue Mountain coffee comparable. Excellent quality with unique worldwide reputation : the late 1950s , London was named the first-class products on the market , was " Lujiangba One" reputation, the 1980 National Coffee Conference recognized it as the " Crown of the National Coffee . " Yunnan Baoshan Lu Jiang arabica coffee . National Geographic logo products,

Is the global coffee until one of better quality coffee , its taste with the world-famous Blue Mountain coffee comparable. Baoshan Lu Jiang Arabica coffee to the unique quality of a very excellent worldwide reputation : the 20th century The late 1950s in London, was named the first-class products on the market , was " Lu Jiang One " laudatory , 1980 meeting of the National Coffee recognized it as " National Coffee of the crown ." In 1987, the Swiss Nestle coffee Brown Company a technical inspection to Lu Jiang president arabica coffee drink Lujiangba Brown later praised: "This is my best in China drink coffee ." [ 1 ] December 2010 , audited by the State Administration of Quality Supervision , decided to "protect Mountain arabica coffee " implementation of the national geographical indication protection . Approved on April 1, 2012 began. [ 2 ] October 1992 Baoshan arabica coffee in the China Agricultural Fair was Silver ( The Expo Gold Medal is not set , so the Baoshan arabica coffee Are given the highest award . 1993 , held in Brussels, Belgium world coffee competitions Congress, Baoshan arabica coffee Won the World " Eureka" Gold Award , which accounted for the world coffee market Has an important position. Baoshan, Yunnan arabica coffee , both in this region