Almond flavor nuts snacks dried products hand stripping almond 238gX1 bag of snack food

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Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: 540
Brand Name: AAAAA
Packaging: Bulk
Item Type: Apricot kernel
Weight (kg): 200g

Product Description

Sweet almond taste hard, a small drug, into the lung and large intestine. With cough and asthma, Runchang catharsis, insecticidal function. Treating exogenous cough, constipation,pharyngitis, sore throat, hoarseness, sore throat, bronchial wheezing, the mustard tinea,vaginal trichomonas and vulvar itching and other symptoms. Almond is south, North Branch,South almonds, sweet sweet kernel, also known as the North bitter almonds (also called bitter almonds prescription mostly refers to the bitter almond); the former, flat, force is relatively slow,suitable for the elderly body empty and consumptive cough; the latter, force is more acute,applicable to the Zhuang people, empirical. Sweet almond contains two less bitter almond, so lower antitussive and antiasthmatic effect. Bitter almond Xin powder can be evil, but under the gas, embellish aperient, can Wen Kexuan delay, both divergent cold can, and under the gasasthma relieving effect, clinical to cure exogenous wind cold, cough and asthma, spit, chest tightness and other symptoms of adverse. In addition, bitter almond can Runchang catharsis,used in the treatment of constipation and other symptoms. The use amount of almond generalis one to three money, but because of its small poison, excess can lead to respiratoryparalysis, Wakami Ku lung qi, loose stool and infants should not use.