A creative gradient relief Qi simple and stylish gift ceramic cups milk coffee mug

price: US $15.00
from AliExpress
item Type: Black Tea
Product Category: Cup
Num.: 0204
Material: Porcelain
For people: Common
Style: Creative
Occasions for gifts: Birthday
Place of origin: Chaozhou

Product Description

Features:High temperature
Price segment:10-20 yuan
Is there a patent:Have
Patent type:Design patents
Patent No.:215864685
Custom processing:It is
Printed LOGO:Can
Trading properties:Domestic
Colour:Yellow, blue, green, pink, orange

product description
    • product information
    • Name: Relief Printing Cup
    • Brand: A Qi
    • Item:
    • Color: yellow, red, green, pink, blue
    • Features: white transparent, material super good. Texture soft, high-grade fair.

Product real shot chart

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Product Dimensions reference to FIG.

Unit: mm

Category nameLongWidthHighThickness
Category 1139.59
Category 213 9.5 9
Category 3 13 9.5 9
Category 4 139.5 9

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