$7.37 buy 6 different tea get 6 kinds gift Flavors bowl pu er Chinese Yunnan food Pu’er tea For loose weight Mini Tuocha PB104

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: 6A
Shelf Life: Jumps over Chen yue sweet
Age: 1 - 2 Years
Brand Name: Famous Tea No.1
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: QS

Product Description

6 different Flavors tea bowl pu er Chinese Yunnan food Pu'er tea For loose weight Mini Tuocha PB104

Supply Puer tea bowl by East Confluence Co.

100% to ensure that the quality of high-end tea, does not contain any infringement, one thousand years of production process, 100% good tea does not contain any preservatives. The benefits of drinking tea: 1) refreshing, refreshing, enhance memory. 2) excited central nervous, increasing the ability to exercise. 3) to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice to help digestion, increase appetite, eliminate bad breath. 4) maintenance of the skin, the decomposition of neutral fat, to achieve weight loss beauty effect. 5) drinking tea before drinking. 6) eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism. 7) slow down the aging effect, prolong life. 8) tooth bone strength, to prevent tooth decay. 9) to protect the eyesight, maintain the normal retina, and prevent the development of the aged. 10) lower blood cholesterol levels, blood lipid levels, prevent atherosclerosis, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis and other cardiovascular diseases. 11) inhibition of cell mutation, with anti-cancer effects. 12) to treat radiation damage, protect the hematopoietic function, improve the number of white blood cells. Want to drink a cup of good tea, need a patient , trust us 7, we will give you the best experience! ! !

Our tea garden the average elevation is 600-1000m,he average temperature is 16-21°c,a year can receive sunlight is 1850h-2000h .Very suitable for the growth of tea tree.

The tea making process,24 traditional tea process, 8 complex process, just for a cup of taste good tea.this is our dvanced production workshop. Tea steps:1.warm pot 2.prepare tea 3.add water 4.take out brewed leaves 5.pour tea 6.shake the cup 7.smell fragrance 8.drink tea

Our entity in a teahouse.Our shop in china,many friends like quiet sitting together,very good.

Our warehouse.goods of every description are available,advanced management,Health clean and tidy.Our efforts,You can rest assured. Our accomplishments.For many years in the Tea Expo Award

Our shipping policy,we ship items in 3 days after you paid. The RUS USA UK CAN AUS FRA SA Ukraine lsrael ship items by epacket, you will get items in 7-15 workdays after shipping, other country ship items by china post,you willget items 10-30 workdays after shipping. If you don't like in 7 days,Can be no reason to return.But freight buyer bears.