5A top grade NingXia goji berry Nature organic Dried GOJI durg Berries 50g/bag packing Wolfberry healthy Medlar herbal tea

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Place of Origin: CN;NIN
Grade: 5A tope grade gojiberry
Brand Name: Chinese NingXIA goji berries
Packaging: Bag
Weight (kg): 50g
Unit weight: 50g goji berries/bag
Packing: bag packing for 50g goji berry
Feature 1: Wolfberry for healthy Herbal tea

Product Description

5A top grade NingXia goji durg berry Nature organic Dried GOJI Berries 50g/bag packing Wolfberry healthy Medlar herbal tea

About zhongning goji:

  • Ningxia wolfberry cultivated over 500 years of history. Thanks to the unique geographical and climatic conditions, Ningxia wolfberry quality far better than other regions, is the only load the new Chinese Pharmacopoeia wolfberry variety, so much of the world respected, has a "Ningxia wolfberry heaven" in the world

  • zhongning is the origin of Chinese wolfberry, Ningxia wolfberry products of Excellence.

About the nutritional value:

  • There are almost a thousand years in Chinese wolfberry edible medicinal history. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records "wolfberry, Bushenshengjing, Liver, eyesight, strong fine bone, to fatigue, easy color, white, eyes and nerves, is longevity."

  • Modern nutrition analysis showed that the nutrients contained very rich wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry fruit per hundred grams containing 4.49 g of crude protein, crude fat 2.33 g, 9.12 g carbohydrates, 96 mg of carotenoids, thiamine 0.053 mg, 0.137 mg of riboflavin, ascorbic acid 19.8 mg, 0.26 mg of betaine, is also rich in potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc and other elements, as well as 22 kinds of amino acids and vitamins.

  • Contemporary Western nutrition studies show that antioxidant ORAC content contained medlar, all known fruits and vegetables is the highest current, wolfberry have significant health effects in reducing cellular oxidative aging, the best of nature longevity food. Ningxia wolfberry has the advantage can not be copied.

About Edible method:

  • Chew 10-15 gram of fruits every morning and evening.

  • Tea: Boil 15-gram wolfberry fruits, make a wolfberry tea and drink it every day. It helps to alleviate the effects of high blood pressure and high blood sugar.Take 6 gram of wolfberry fruits and 6 gram of chrysanthemum (Flos chrysanthemi, L) to make a tea. It helps to alleviate blurry vision.Take 4 or 5 wolfberry fruits, green tea, sugar, raisins, walnuts, date, democarpus langan lour fruit, hawthorn, and ziayphus jujuba mill fruits, to make an eight-ingredients tea (Chinese call it eight treasure tea).

  • Wine: Put 25 gram of wolfberry fruits and some Chinese cooking wine in a bottle or a jar and carefully seal it. It is ready to use after 30 or 60 days. Drink once per day. It helps to alleviate teary eyes.Take 200 gram of wolfberry fruits and 1 liter of Chinese white wine and seal them in a bottle or a jar. Ready to use in 10 day.

  • Stew or steam with meat: Stew pork, beef, chicken or fish, add 15-25 gram of wolfberry fruits 10 minutes before the meat is done. You may steam fish or chicken with wolfberry fruits as well.

  • Rice soup: Take 50 gram of wolfberry fruits and 100 gram of rice and add some sugar to make rice soup.

  • Cereal: Mix 15 gram of wolfberry fruits with cereal to make a healthy breakfast.

  • Bread or muffin: Use wolfberry fruits to make a banana bread or muffins just like raisins. Wolfberry bread provides more nutrients than raisins

Wolfberry tea brewing method:

1 step:take goji 10-15 tablets into water cup.
2 step:Injection of 95-100 degrees Celsius water, about 3/2 cup, wait 3-5 minutes, you can enjoy delicious wolfberry tea.
3 step:goji can match honey, flower tea drinking.

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