50pcs / pack chinese Lotus leaf slimming Pu er tea cooked for tea 200g puer tea for weight loss

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Product Description

Our strengths and commitment:

1, professional weight loss instructor throughout the guide , to resolve questions slimming help people achieve their goals ...

2 , the selection of the best tea for weight loss repression, did not add the other ingredients , pure tea, natural health , with no side effects ...

Must see before you buy :

The first Our tea is pure , natural, no added Pan diarrhea or rhubarb leaf, But did not add the other ingredients , not a drink on the causes diarrhea , will bear fruit slowly, usually 3-4 weeks to be effective (Excessive weight is not excessive and not more people might thin more slowly and less points) ,If you want fast or causes diarrhea base fertilizer , our products are not suitable for you ,You can choose other products shop ,

SecondIsTuocha relatively small in terms of other loose tea is a bit brokenThis is because the relationship between the process , and if the blade is too big , small Tuocha 's small, it is not pressed tight, easy to loose , so the blades are generally used after the big break repression , but also because the small Da need to re- beat forming, in the pressing process , the cable will be crushed tea ; but we are not very fine tea small Tuo suggested to be used for brewing tea brewing method of effort , you can use our complimentary tea strainers filtering of,Other shops can compare the same price , the quality of our products count on , and to be of good quality , you can choose a higher price point

Name: lotus Pu'er ( cooked ) ---

Publisher : Grass grid Aoyoshi

Ingredients: Extra cooked Pu'er , the leaves

Process: cooked tea

Weight: 4-4.5 g / pcs

Specifications : pcs

Year: 2014

Production license number : QS532714010120

Product performance standards : GB / T22111-2008

Health permits: ( 2007 ) No. 530800-004151

Dosage recommendations: a bubble one, one can soak 2-4 cups, 2-3 pieces one day

50 sent a beautiful bag Yunnan Nationalities

bag above send randomly

Shopkeeper recommends :

Tea scraping oil powerful, easy to drink hungry , if you want to base fertilizer , then the individual is recommended to drink but also the control diet, dieting , not a hungry , eat, especially not late night, eat more vegetables , fruits, and less eat greasy stuff

[ Note ]
1 ,
Once a bubble , a bubble at least 3-5 cups, 2-3 pieces of one day ( this is just a personal recommendation , you can drink but also drink less , according to their own circumstances )
2 ,Brewing method : Use two cups, one cup bubble , drink a cup in the middle with tea strainers filter ( tea strainers we presented ) ;
Use tea brewing , or with filter Bei Bei , such as elegant cups, tea cup ;
The best do not always bubble tea , or tea will be more concentrated

tea with a base fertilizer
Pu'er tea can lose weight? The answer is yes , absolutely no side effects , no rebound , drink tea is also good for the body ;Here are a few tips to pro !

1 , fasting morning to get a drink , clear the stomach ( stomach of poor people only drink cooked tea , bubble light points ) ,
2 , half an hour before meals and after dinner drink , the better ,
3. If you eat other drugs , to a half- hour after eating a cup of tea in the drug , or the antidote of tea
4 , with tea instead of water , more tea

If you want better , it is recommended that individuals drink but also proper diet , diet, can not eat a hungry or eat too much, especially not late night, eat more vegetables , fruits , eat greasy stuff develop good eating and living habits , exercise

Tea knowledge]
Pu'er tea and cooked tea meristem
Health tea soup and taste a bit like green tea, cooked tea is fermented raw tea after pile- come , soup like tea, thick bright red ;
Health and tea heat fire extinction , the bitter taste is relatively large, but sweet is good, raw tea are cool, cooked tea belongs to the temperature of the stomach is good , stomach cooked tea started drinking when there are herbal flavor, a bit like a grass-roots flavor , but after a few days it will taste the tea drink alcohol slippery ;Health and tea refreshing better, you can also computer radiation , for a long time sitting at a computer in front of friends. Stomach tea cooked quite good results can also be radiation ;
Raw and cooked tea slimming tea efficacy are similar,Just because different people taste for the kind of drink , while personal advice if cooked stomach bad people drink tea , raw tea generally do not drink on an empty stomach


1 , lipid-lowering , weight loss , blood pressure, anti-atherosclerosis .Paris Saint Anthony Medical Director of clinical teaching Emil Carlo Yunnan Pu'er Tuo than doctors with clinical trials to prove : " Yunnan Pu'er tea to reduce lipids , cholesterol has a positive effect ," China , Kunming Medical College, Yunnan Pu'er Tuo also . fat leukemia treatment were 55 cases of clinical trials , and with better lipid-lowering drug clofibrate treatment of 31 cases of contrast , the efficacy of tea is higher than clofibrate . long-term consumption of tea can reduce cholesterol and glycerides reduced Therefore, long-term consumption of tea has the function to treat obesity . drinking tea can cause vasodilation of people , blood pressure , heart rate and blood flow to the brain ? stumble Vulgar azelaic NAO ?, so hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis patients have a good therapeutic effect .
2 , anti-cancer , anti-cancer .Liang informed , Professor Hu Meiying with cell culture and electron microscopy industry , anti-cancer effects of tea on over a decade of research and found tea to kill cancer cells most strongly, even one percent of ordinary tea concentration that plays a significant role . drinking tea can prevent cancer.
3 , Stomach, Huwei .In the appropriate concentration , drinking tea mild stimulating effect on the stomach does not produce , sticky , sweet smooth, mellow tea into the human stomach to form a membrane attached to the surface of the stomach , the stomach 's protective layer beneficial , long-term drinking Pu'er tea can protect the stomach effect.
4 , and protect teeth .When tea contains many physiologically active ingredients, with the role of disinfection , Hunan Medical University , Professor Cao Jin Jianchi Pu'er tea suppresses distortion cocci adhesion ability tests and found Jianchi Pu'er tea has anti-bacterial plaque formation effect , the concentration of 1% the best results.
5 , anti-inflammatory , bactericidal, anti-malaria .The medical research and clinical trials proved that Yunnan Pu'er tea has antibacterial effects , tea juice, ten times a day , to treat dysentery, which is directly related to the Yunnan large leaf tea contains a wealth of polyphenols .
6 , anti-aging. Tea catechins have anti-aging effect , Yunnan large leaf tea contains catechins, total higher than other tea varieties , anti-aging effects than other teas . At the same time , tea during processing macromolecular polysaccharide transforms into a great deal of new soluble monosaccharides and oligosaccharides , vitamin C multiplied, these substances improve the function of the immune system plays an important role , playing a health fitness , longevity effect .

Pu'er tea brewing method :
Pu'er tea tips:
Prepare two cups , first remove a tea , put in a cup,
1 , wash the tea : Pour boiling water just cooked , cover with lid, soak for about 5 seconds, then pour the tea , which can wash away the dirt surface and let the tea tea unfold , so that the next bubble tea within a matter of leaching .
2 , tea time: second brewed tea , soup observe , in every color depth is not the same , poured some into another cup of tea tasting, find the concentration to suit your taste .
3 , tasting tea : After finding a suitable concentration , into the amount of water each time , like the concentration beyond reach , to pour another cup of tea , you can slowly taste