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Item Type: Coffee beans
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Flavor: Spices & Herbs
Packaging: Bag
Coffee beans taste: alcohol
place of production: china mainland
whether sacchariferous: sugar free
whether for organic food: is

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book goods production date is the 2013 10 30 year month day guarantee period one year please reservtion buy

italian blend - - -

italian coffee is coffee mix , different type is made of coffee beans follow up proporting , baking overheats deep ! commonly used for espresso esp ( ) , italian coffee also called espresso . every kind of coffee beans have flavor feature , different baking , cooking method different flavor of this products suitable for mocha pot italian steam coffee machine best effect !

for the coffee taste of equilibrium , roasted coffee used in beans mainly two : arabica and robusta , 1486 usually speaking card higher latitude region , taste fragrance eau , man , Taiwanese product coffee are usually o card , grows in low altitudes , high output , a048 less , spiritualise palate , coffee in italy adding a certain can make the proportion of coffee produce a as wine the depradations stimulus to enjoy .

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a cup good coffee the first to have good beans beans and good need to good technology baking , so fashion insiders say coffee baking for art master bakeshops by customers , beans the place of production , feature , directions , different out the most suitable for baking and the proportion of color of coffee beans . elaborate grinding and water after , a cup eslpodcast coffee in your eyes .

coffee dissolving method , the centuries by conditions andcustoms , culture and the level of different and economic use scourability rrquirements fun . modern more appeared adapt to the rhythm of life products is simple - - - - instant coffee , canned coffee etc . but such products expense coffee aroma flavor of the price of . the pursuit of the perfect coffee of the interested in coffee shop or do it yourself water can drink , actually , coffee is a fresh beverage , with fresh high quality coffee beans , freshly now water , can real coffee flavor and scourability process taste of tune !


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coast coffee desciption italian style coffee bean blend
specification gram 454 big packing quality guarantee period 1 years
roasting degree depth place of production beans guangdong baking generation
storables way dry seal save packaging aluminum foil bag one-way air valve packaging

flavor characteristics :

Book beans the depth baking recommended the use of steam pressure coffee machine or mocha coffee pot to cook 's spresso make espresso coffee there will be thicker golden color coffee oils that is coffee aromatic have it can ingredients as basilar coffee cappuccino !

book goods for national quality system with attached certification qs canonicity product please buy ! qs : number 440321010004

the presentment : ( dispensers buy food must qs certification signifies protestations oh )

book peculiar goods one-way air valve packaging design !

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