454g Flavor aa coffee beans coffee powder fresh green slimming coffee beans tea new cafe free shipping

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Item Type: Coffee beans
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Packaging: Bag
Place of production: china mainland

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to mill ( coffee powder please specify ) , don't hair coffee beans indicate the ( this product instant coffee , bubble don't the socialization of , need filtration . )

use in to cost . area or any other logistics please knock-on acknowledged .

bakeshops fresh

coffee beans separatedly fresh baking , guarantee for coffee beans the pure incense , book store the sale of coffee beans separatedly original place of beans production made of domestic famous coffee factory professional roasting baking production . free generation grinding !

net heavy : ca 454g

heavy wool : ca 460g

book products using reflective insulation aluminum high molecular compound bag , ensure coffee eslpodcast taste , since the goods and gifts in the gift .

with domestic softheartedness baking factory , german probat baking machine large and grinding machine , the use of the unique carbon baking technology fire , bake out of coffee more balanced , alcohol . we use the world around the goobers coffee raw beans , according to the client differing requirements roasted , in the shortest time fresh to client hands , us coffee in is & mdash . mdash & . fresh , alcohol , rich , real , must not adulterate .

aroma and concentration of the combination of the best coffee , itsparticles larger , beans quality quite hard , bluemountain in before hasn't , used to be coffee 's , because it the taste of rich mellowness , slider acid don't , alcohol centration , bitter and fragrant high effecthigh , pretty individualised , savored , labiodentals was still with light chocolate flavor and nut flavor .

no cheap and loeb valdosta rotgut beans

can't niezhuobizai drink coffeeno

no don't 70 80 yuan high price blend coffee beans

also can not be months agono

rotgut refusing to ! profiteering refusing to ! high quality + high xingjiabi + fresh + wholesale price

book shop date sales breakthrough 24500 bags , drink all over the ! the whole network xingjiabi supreme first coffee beans ultra high xingjiabi best argument ! turn back the highest rate to buy high quality coffee best argument ! solemnly promise we resolutely boycott & ldquo . the first to raise price again rdquo . & discount promotional game , also is not through the third party attend 9.9 yuan after sales of the cumulative sales . raise price 42 yuan & rarr . 68 yuan & rarr . 78 ? element the price is more incorrect , higher quality the piffle ! ! ! italian coffee taste , buy today 19.99 yuan / bags , tomorrow 19.99 or yuan / bags . keep is high quality + high xingjiabi , win 80% old customers recommend unanimously !

- - - - - - the first do not buy your fault , second time is my fault taste coffee , all is well coffee , buy regret ! send the default coffee beans if you need coffee powder rem. must to be rem. hair not beans

through state inspection department inspection

passed the national agenciesarequalified specifies the , none none , pesticide residue add any , for 100% roasted coffee beans .

can log for taobao .

qs quality safety numbered : 320121010001

Pour : send the default coffee beans ! mill as required please leave a message , powder free

all pictures are my in-kind professional filming !

taste coffee wenzhou , has many coffee chain companies and luanxian provide high quality coffee beans . oqc due to our huge , ensure product fresh , our last go daily monitor our workshop beans raw materials and process , high price to pick the beans satisfaction , to ensure that each shipment quality , high cost low price made the comsumers taobao coffee beans sales miracle .

Taste coffee specified coffee beans all around the world of the folwing goobers coffee raw beans , from taiwan hire experienced roasted division , with rare baking machine bakeshops , for client to provide prioritise coffee beans .

taste coffee beans for sale in with the national quality certification qs .