454g Enteroclysm organic coffee beans enteroclysm coffee powder . green slimming coffee beans tea new cafe free shipping

price: US $29.54
from AliExpress
Item Type: Coffee beans
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Flavor: Spices & Herbs
Packaging: Bag
place of production: china mainland
Coffee beans taste: nitroxanthic
whether sacchariferous: sugar free
whether for organic food: is

Product Description

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1 , according to coffee enteroclysm need of , special baking technology , caffeine improve thephylline and content at the same time , make tannic acid hccp reduce .

2 , 100% pure organic coffee

3 , organic coffee certificate

4 , gratuitous generation grinding ( please in your message to indicate the ! )

5 , use professional coffee aluminum foil bag , coffee breathable valve ,

Guarantee coffee quality

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Enteroclysm intestinal process of : mattersneeding attention
thecoffee dilution and coffee must be used pure water if in enema when have meaning ,

to close bags drib , nothelp 10 seconds , if meaning disappear 'll continue enema ,

if the unbearable first . enteroclysm every day to according to your own

body conditions or ascending degression

do not need to coffee enteroclysm the crowd :
10 under age child , maternity , piles bleeding have

coffee enteroclysm : mattersneeding attention
1 . after dinner hours the implementation
2 . best is the night onec .
3 . coffee enteroclysm before and after the should be add more water or vegetable juice .
4 . must use organic coffee , don't or with instant coffee mix