454g Cafetown coffee beans coffee powder green slimming coffee beans tea new cafe free shipping

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Item Type: Coffee beans
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Packaging: Bag
Coffee beans taste: alcohol
place of production: china mainland
whether sacchariferous: sugar free
whether for organic food: q17

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bluemountain : unique taste

blue mountain coffee the use of medium roast , well balanced , taste of aromatic , leugth , rich and the taste mellow , with the slight wine taste of , back to the firstgan obvious , is universally acknowledged coffee , light and to have the dreamland general taste of ballads .

drink coffee benefits 1 . coffee forsake nutrition ingredient . coffee of nicotinic acid contain vitamin b , post baking coffee beans high content . and have free fatty acid , caffeine , tannic acid etc . 2 . coffee skin groupmates . coffee can promote metabolism , clyburn peptic , after meals a drink coffee also helps digestion . 3 . coffee can eliminate fatigue . to eliminate fatigue , extra-nutrition must , rest and sleeping , metabolism function , coffee with function of these . 4 . coffee emotion influences . experiment shows , general day 300 milligrams absorption ( about 3 cup brewed coffee ) caffeine , for one 's alert and emotions well