2015 New 30pcs/lot Tongkat Ali Coffee Malaysia Emirates coffee men health care products 5g*10pcs/box wholesale free shipping

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Grade: AAAA
Weight: 0.05
Shelf Life: 12 months
Brand Name: other
Flavor: Spices & Herbs
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Instant Coffee

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Malaysia Emirates coffee

100 orginal and natural!

Certified no colors, no additives, no persevatives!

Production date: 2015

Weight: 5g*10pcs/box, 3 boxes total 30pcs

Package: Bag

Storage time: 730 days

Place of origin: Malaysia

Tongkat Ali is grown in Southeast Asia near the equator virgin rainforest in moist sandy soil of a wild shrubs, maturity is generally more than 5 years. Tree height 4-6 meters up to 12 meters and a trunk diameter of 8-10 cm, the most up to 15 cm thick. Almost no forked branches, leaves at the top was a long umbrella. Its roots nor bifurcation, the deepest into the earth up to two meters. Tongkat Ali roots have a variety of effects, and the bird's nest, together known as the Malaysian tin three treasures. Studies have shown that Tongkat Ali roots (especially core) contains many plant chemicals that can enhance the production of testosterone, testosterone is a male hormone needed for sexual function, but also the reproductive organs and hormones needed for brain development. Coffee Efficacy: penis enlargement, thickening, growth; premature ejaculation, impotence, long delayed 30 minutes or more, and sexual dysfunction; scrotal wet, weak waist, tinnitus, night sweats, Yiqibushen recuperate.