2014 New Tongkat Ali Instant Coffee Extractive&Jamaican Coffee for Men’s Sex Health 10bags*10g*1box Wholesale Free shipping

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Grade: AAAA
Weight: 0.12
is_customized: Yes
Shelf Life: 730 days
Brand Name: other
Flavor: Sugar
Packaging: Box
Caffeine Type: Decaffeinated

Product Description

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Tongkat ali extract instant coffee The only male health care coffee! 100 orginal and natural! Certified no colors, no additives, no persevatives!

Production date: July 10th, 2014

Weight: 10g/bag, total 10 bags

Package: Box

Storage time: 730 days

Usage: 1 bag for each day drink with water or milk Function: Anti-aging, Promote muscle, Increase Place of origin: Malaysia

Warning: NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN. TAMPER RESISTANT: Do not use if imprinted seal under cap is broken. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Store in a cool, dry place Tips: Four box for a period of treatment, two period of treatment for a cycle. Experts suggest that according to the course of treatment to take.

Tongkat ali, a herb from Malaysia, is finding its way out of the jungle and into bedrooms. Alternatively known as pasak bumi, tongkat ali has been used by native rainforest tribes as a natural herb for centuries. Thanks to new scientific programs, tongkat ali is emerging as one of the most promising natural intimacy aids ever studied. Experience the power of tongkat ali and enhance your intimate side with our affordable whole-herb capsules. Health Benefit: 1. For impotence, premature ejaculation, loss of libido, erectile not hard, hard and soon, kidney shade less glans penis erection after tender, sexual intercourse without pleasure, short penis, elderly increases with age, weak kidney, penis atrophy and other special effects. 2. Sexual developmental delays, the penis short, slender. Because of the excessive masturbation, excitement and durability is low due to the short penis. 3. Urinary frequency, urgency, prostatic hypertrophy caused by prostate have assisted * *, not spontaneous erections, lumbar debility, opposite sex apathy, masculine. Especially for scrotal moisture has good curative effect. 4. Quickly replenish semen, enhance sexual motivation, with penile erectile difficulties, dizziness tinnitus, fatigue, kidney empty hole, god sperm reduce symptoms, and poor activity has significant curative effect. 5. Because of frequent sex, testicular atrophy, the testosterone secretion decline of sexual function decline, erectile slow. 6. By taking other drugs are not better. 7. USAGE AND DOSAGE:1 bag per 1 day.Whisk with water or milk.