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item Type: Herbal
Packaging: Bag
Weight (kg): 100g
Shelf Life: 24month
Age: New
Style: Tea Bag
Variety: Gouqi berry
Grade: AAAA

Product Description

100% Original and High quality

Our store's wolfberry are very bright and fresh and delicious.

it is Chinese highest quality. in Chinese, the same quality sell much expensive,

we are doing promotion to sell highest quality but Cheapest Price.

It is from Ningxi Province. which is famous for high quality Wolfberry.

Net weight: 50g*2packs= 1 lot=100g

Functions of Goqi Berry:

Healing hepatorenal Yin deficient,

lumbar debility,




faint than tears,

conditions such as diabetes, spermatorrhea.

Can adjust the body's immune function,

can effectively inhibit tumor growth and cell mutation,


fatty liver,

regulating blood fat and blood sugar,

promote hemopoietic function, etc