2013 new wild purple yun/purple bud spore bud (auk mouth) 100 g green tea cake is rich in flowers

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAA
Age: New
Shelf Life: 999999
Brand Name: PUER TEA
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Brick
Certification: QS

Product Description

This is a wild ancient tea shoots, due to germinate in the spring holiday, therefore the green shoots.

Wild spore germination and other tea tea, of not curled leaves, but a white YaBao, bud is hidden inside the YaBao. Blade when not come, the entry is sweet, I grew up, and blade inlet is relatively acid, a bit like the taste of lemon tea. Wild spore of puer tea drink in summer and refreshing, so is popular among white-collar women.

In the folk has always been in the treatment of indigestion, sore throat, ZhiLou, constipation and other diseases and has a good effect. If you drink too much cause diarrhea, need to reduce the finches mouth tea dosage or stop taking a few days. According to the list of seed plants in yunnan province ", "national assembly of Chinese herbal medicine", "Chinese medicine dictionary," to functions of dehumidification, adjustable scattered stasis, water frying or bubble wine to treat rheumatoid arthritis. In the heart, spleen, kidney, cure all disease. Wind detoxification laxative, long names, Yang Yin, solid essence raise colour ". Its main function and the Chinese medicine experts "spleen and kidney, eliminating phlegm to helping regulate the menstrual function" weight loss to theory (see the sequel to the first international name old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine efficacy secret recipe selection "on page 293). Its the effect of "jiedu purge" are similar to the medical profession "pipeline row poison" theory, is enough to cause people to want to lose weight care personally taste "sparrow mouth tea". Often drink the tea with ventilation, qingrejiedu, diabetes, and soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure blood fat, the health benefits of treasures!

This tea is only two months of the harvest! After wait for next year! Is full of pure wild bud! Machining process is very original! A little machine don't have to! Is completely pollution-free green products!