2004 250g Menghai Iceland Alpine Star Puer Tea Old Trees Pure Gold Pornographic Films Pu’Er Raw Brick Personal Care Health Puerh

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Age: 5 - 10 Years
Shelf Life: The long the better
Brand Name: Silim
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Brick
Certification: QS

Product Description

The choice of 2004 Iceland Pu'er tea trees in early spring (and occasionally still see a fruit tea) Gold Leaf Huang sheet material from repression (pure material) raw tea, 250 g / piece (in addition to 1000 g package) handmade tissue paper packaging.

Comprehensive features: fragrant, soft, fluid, sweet lasting, tea and delicate, rich layering translucent crystal liquor color, aroma of pure melodious, soft taste, taste sweet, lasting resistant foam.

Iceland tea features: Iceland tea leaf type hypertrophy, huge, Cha generally shows brown black color. Iceland reason by people praise the tea, in addition to its health value, the fragrance is an important factor. It was described as a woman of the Icelandic tea tea, which is probably related with the aroma.

Iceland is very soft aroma of tea, with tea Aioi accompany it, hanging cup lasting without publicity, which is really like a line of women's sections and charming but not charming.

About Iceland tea flavor, because of differences in each of smell, and the results obtained are not the same, the overall flavor with fruit-based.

Aurea brick quality is not blowing, they seem, inside and outside a material, tea pure, natural. Show on orange buds tea cake is the natural result of the conversion, the better the taste of the tea transformed the better, but also more attractive soup, the active ingredient of tea bubble out more easily, this is good in the true sense Pu'er!

If one day you do not have to drink a cord, yellow and green colored foliage has, but the soup was orange Huangxian Liang, delicate taste and smooth, unique flavor from the first bubble continued into the 15th and 16th before getting weak bubble down the tea, then congratulations, you definitely tasted good Huang piece. This is true happiness.

Huang piece Chayou know all know that yellow piece with the general tea taste different. Comparison of porn sweet taste some. Porn than the average tea without its advantages and the victory. Yellow piece tea set advantage in a general, but taste more sweet. Best Buy reason: its price is far no other tea prices higher.

Huang piece looks ugly, but drink up and give you a big surprise. Of course, the pursuit of beautiful appearance, first-class quality for tea this tea is not for you, this tea is designed for those who do not pursue appearance, to affordable, both good taste for tea preparation. Huang pieces like this tea for tea that you are a lucky!