20 capsules coffee illy Free shipping a variety of flavor capsule X7.1 Y1.1 Y3 Y5 coffee machine cafetera bebidas importadas

price: US $1.70
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Weight: 0.01
Shelf Life: 548Days
Brand Name: Other
Packaging: Bulk
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Ground Coffee
Flavor: mellow

Product Description

Brand: illy

Product name: illy capsule coffee preferential suit (X/Y series dedicated capsule coffee machine)

Rules: 20 capsules every two capsules independent packing

Weight: about 500 grams

To: Italy

Taste: medium high depth of baking Decaffeinated coffee americano Guatemala, Colombia, costa rica Brazil Ethiopia in India

Point: packaging for nitrogen 20 capsules taste all 10 series sample kit

The package is installed, the nitrogen independent packing