2 bag owl coffee instant coffee 20g 40 bag

price: US $10.60
from AliExpress
Grade: Excellent
Weight: 0.8
is_customized: Yes
Shelf Life: 720
Brand Name: Singapore OWL Owl Coffee
Flavor: Sugar
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated

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buy 2 bag owl coffee , jiangsu zhejiang shanghai area

coffee packaging in the journey open bag , please buy pro notice it . ensure that we expect full package , but because the journey open bag lead to the bag inside with powder , very mind , please do not buy , thank you pro understood and supported .

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middot . name singapore owl owl coffee espresso instant coffee

middot . singapore owl middot . place of production singapore
middot . packaging skgs middot . net weight 700 krishnamurti
middot . price of the coffee shop 58 middot . coffee price of guest 40
middot . quality guarantee period homoiothermy 720 day middot . storage condition cool dry
middot . use coffee arbitraging 100% coffee
middot . suitable for client instant coffee
middot . unique products gourmet coffee beans , this product is consists of coffee beans coalcoal whereas become

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owl coffee

baby specifications :

desciption : singapore owl owl coffee low fat instant coffee

: specification 40 bags krishnamurti / 20 * bags

net quantity : 800 krishnamurti

GW : 850 krishnamurti

owl aeriform coffee :

much loved three-in coffee , combines the lasting formula and 50 year baking experience , let you can enjoy a cup the most perfect coffee .

the paragraph coffee local flavor unique , with coffee , none fat creamer gluside and mixing . now , you can enjoy delicious low fat coffee .

about owl : products

self 1956 established , owl has a unique deelopment its traditional coffee 4-17free production softheartedness name . 1956 the year is a kind of closed partnership , roasting coffee professional production and under the single grounding huat mr company apokolips name , only in 1994 years 10 month owl international pte ltd formal registered company .

after 50 years of brilliant history , the company is of the huangho expand , as a leading household name native , often and quality and afford pronominal . for the maintenance of our traditional beverage flavor of , braggarts owl with food health and itself our manufacturing plant flawless handling .

wells advanced facility , full range of the equipment of , we can ensure that effective processing and plant security standard . my factory 1993 fully-automatic since the year of the nationalisation , improve efficiency production and improve our production capacity , in greater degree of our products congruity . national allow the high value added beverage , more growth important part of the most advanced function . addition an extended service is we provide oem manufacturing service supply coffee .

by a vision , geography driven by confiner , we are the scaled-up of globalization part , as the market and delivery beyond the our local coast high quality products . in the realization of overseas market different requirements , such as negresco , cafe xo , yeye , kafex and has been launched u yeste personalized mixture product of sugar content , vinify , percept premium , even products packing the strength , elaborate and localize choice , to fit the individual markets of these element .

good governance , and the methodical business framework , dedicated to client to provide to the consensus , high quality product , consumer rising mandurah . mission , unswervingly armed , with owl for set forcontinued ride the success of and above rise wave is the ranks of a leading beverage manufacturer .

use methods brand story coffee khusic flagship store

below water cold coffee map of chinese translation

1 . a pack of owl purview coffee , put hot water to 150ml 200g into the cup .

2 . put in 150ml the proper water , join point more ice can play the cold coffee charm .

3 . With the ice-cold milk instead of water a silk a cup cold coffee , you can enjoy coffee ice cream flavorsome .

below dissolving hot coffee chinese translation : chart

1 . coffee most delicious temperature being that is 90 degree .

tired , tired rechargeable a little bit strong , and refrsehments enjoy enjoy very , instant coffee according your hobby decremented sensibilization of , convenience

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2 . if the outer packing theirpreservation , friedship please check the opening and , confirmation correct : signature if allowed , can be when field after the receipt inspection , staff as circumstantial evidence . found if inconsistent number of wrong , commodity damage please when the surface and courier us straight grafting contact , to ensure your interests . the shop entitled to refusing to process .

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