100g MengHai Puer Chagao Puerh Tea Ointment Helping digestion and Lowering blood sugar Free shipping

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Name: MengHai Puerh Tea Ointment Ripe Tea Cream

Raw or ripe: Ripe tea

Net Weight: 100g

Tea Age: 2008year

Shelf life: Long term

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight; keep in clean, ventilator, shady and no odor place; appropriate for long-term preservation (the longer, the better)

Material: Yunnan big-leaf mountain ecological tea

Manufacture: Produced by Yunnan province

Tea cream is known as tea gold, began in the tang and song dynasty, founded in the qing dynasty, to serve in the contemporary, it is to choose one thousand, ancient tree tea raw materials, through more than 100 kind of secret system technology, lasted more than 70 days tea healthful components extraction, enrichment and become paste solid. The ancient Kings enjoy, modern political elite celebrities exclusive. 1 g tea cream of tea polyphenol content is 60%, of which 16% catechins, caffeine 9%, free amino acid 14%, other substances (beneficial enzyme, tea polysaccharide, theaflavin, water, etc.).

The tea polyphenol (about 60%)

Tea polyphenol is also called tea tanned or tea tannins, is the formation of the main ingredients of tea color, smell and taste, and it is also one of the tea is one of the main ingredients of the health care function. Many medical experiments have proved that tea polyphenols have strong remove harmful free radicals, prevent lipid peroxide role; Induced the body metabolism enzyme activity increased, promote the carcinogenic jiedu; Inhibition and blocking human endogenous nitrosation reaction. Inhibition of carcinogens and cell DNA covalent bonding, prevent DNA single fracture; Improve human body cell immune function. At the same time, the tea polyphenol through improve human immunoglobulin amount and its maintain at a high level, stimulate antibody activity changes, so as to improve the overall immune ability, and can promote human body's own conditioning function.

The catechins (about 16%)

Catechins, caffeine and tea belong to two of the major functional components, but also for tea catechins in the most main component. It has the scavenging free radicals, delay aging and prevent tooth decay, change the distribution of gut microbes, antibacterial, deodorant and action.

The free amino acid (about 14%)

Is not only contain amino (- NH2) and containing carboxyl (- COOH) of organic compounds. In the nature, also found that many of the protein composition of amino acids, in plants is mainly free or reported glutamine derivatives exist form. According to research shows that theanine is the most important in tea is a kind of free amino acids, it not only to adjust tea flavor, plays an important role in strengthening the body's immune function, regulating metabolism also has an important meaning, theanine function research of the tea polyphenols has become the focus of international health care medicine. Theanine mainly has resistance to stroke, resisting vascular dementia, for some antitumor drugs have the physiological regulation, protect the brain neurons against "free radicals" increased damage, mental activity acuity, enhance concentration, reduce women's menopause syndrome symptoms, increase the brain "dopamine", make the person decreases the number of anxiety and ease the tension, ease of caffeine in tea

caffeine (about 9%)

Caffeine from tea, coffee fruit extracted a alkaloids, reasonably use have get rid of fatigue, excited nerve function, clinically used in the treatment of neurasthenia and coma recovery. Caffeine can make the central nervous system excited, so it can increase the degree of vigilance, alert, fast and clear thinking, increasing attention and keep good physical condition, at the same time, can promote metabolism.

The other material (beneficial enzyme, tea polysaccharide, theaflavin, water and 6%)

The qing dynasty royal tea cream 186 process and 72 days of processing cycle, the purpose is to cultivate good enzyme and save. The cultivation of good enzyme, puer tea cream of tea polyphenol, theaflavin and free amino acid balance, eventually making puer tea cream taste, colour and lustre is best, healthful components easier to absorb. Nowadays, the secret recipe has been jade zen scientific research personnel all decoding, and the successful implementation of practical application. Let you in the product in the process of tea cream, 3 minutes namely can comprehend and old tea verve.

The yunnan special tree big leaf kind of tea after processing and fermentation, through the special way of the fiber material and tea tea juice separation, will get tea juice for reprocessing, restore into a higher level of solid instant tea. - from the puer tea cream - one kind of forgotten keeping in good health culture "modern tea cream production technology is in the qing dynasty palace production technology developed on the basis of a kind of tea cream production process. This way the imitation of the qing dynasty tea cream production climate, temperature, environment, and in the more heavy and complicated, meticulous process, the tea extraction and enrichment, control in the normal temperature and degrees Celsius. Use of the aromatic matter and active ingredients must be in a certain temperature volatile and precipitation characteristics, maximum limit will these tea original material effective solution to tea and convergence into paste.

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