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Packing: Bulk Weight (g): 1000(2.2 lb ) Coffee Taste: mellow Raw and cooked beans: Coffee beans Coffee Brand: Starbucks Series: Yunnan arabica Does sugar: No sugar Whether organic food: yes Origin: Yunnan, China City: Jinghong Coffee Category: Blue Mountain Coffee Yunnan Province region's climate and geographical conditions are very suitable for planting coffee, Yunnan coffee started though, and some coffee-producing countries, but the starting point is higher. Currently, Yunnan Arabica coffee beans are grown, is recognized worldwide as a quality coffee varieties, and are the same as Jamaican Blue Mountain Arabica species. Yunnan coffee are currently used in most parts of the washing method as a post-fermentation processing refined, which is recognized worldwide as a high quality coffee processing methods. Most growing areas in Yunnan altitude of 1000 meters above the mountain, high altitude is an important factor in quality coffee. This year the world leading companies Starbucks specialty coffee companies signed with Yunnan coffee supply agreement, as evidenced by Yunnan coffee beans already has international quality. Years ago, a Japanese coffee guru once said, Yunnan can produce world quality premium coffee. Now, Yunnan Arabica coffee plantations have been planted over 21,000 hectares.Zhu Lin bitter pull coffee beans are Arabica (Arabica) Yunnan Arabica Bourbon (bourbon) and iron Picard (Typica) varieties. Ancient churchZhu bitter pull Village reception guests with local coffee and walnut, although with soil jars of boiled coffee taste is not the best, but it reflects the primitive drinking bitter pull villagers Zhu's love for coffee, but also for guests highest ceremonial reception. Unique and rich coffee culture of the original ecosystem, so that each person know Zhu had to pull bitter heart sigh, here is worthy of a Chinese village coffee first.Zhu pull though bitter poverty and backwardness, but it is an indissoluble bond with the coffee place. In addition to universal cultivation of coffee, the villagers have to drink coffee tradition: from seed, self-sharpening, self cook, and now the village men, women have the habit of drinking coffee. The villagers here for the coffee trees have a special feeling, even if the beans did not give them any economic benefits, the villagers were not willing to cut a coffee trees.According to the introduction, in 1892, French missionary priest Tin drink coffee for their own needs, with the coffee fruit breeding in the church outside the first strains of coffee trees, and later cultivated more coffee trees planted around the church. Since then, the village began pulling Chu bitter coffee growing, ever since around the village are surrounded by coffee trees. The oldest two village elders Qi Li Fusheng brilliant and have been eighty years old this year, they witnessed China's oldest coffee forest formation.100 years ago, Zhu bitter pull is called "If customer come" (Yi), Yi means is curved mountain road. In 1892, the arrival of the French missionary priest field, Yi will be the essence of romance combined with the Frenchman, so have Zhu bitter pull this name, descendants of the Zhu bitter pull translated as "paradise on earth" means.Zhu bitter pull a mysterious, legendary, beautiful natural villages, belonging to Dali Binchuan bitter pull Ping Chuan Zhen Zhu village, located in the Jinsha River tributary Yupao, which is a Dali, Chuxiong, Lijiang three places where the junction. Zhu Lin bitter coffee pull VillageIn 1892, French missionary priest in Yunnan Tin Jiaozhu bitter pull a place to try to grow coffee success. So far Zhu still grows bitter pull Township 90 years-old coffee trees 24. UK consumers guzzle more than an estimated 70 million cups of coffee a day.Results are returned in a similar study published two years ago by a different research group discovered his daily four cups cut cancer risk 39%.Instead, they say, this may be due to some other hundreds of naturally occurring antioxidants found in coffee.The latest findings, the research team of the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, Georgia, suggesting it may not caffeine, preventing the formation of malignant and around the mouth.Coffee reduces the risk of oral cancerCoffee emotional influence. Experimental results show that the average person one day absorb 300 milligrams (about 3 cups boiled coffee) of caffeine on a person's alertness and mood will bring a positive impact.Coffee health care functions. Coffee has antioxidant and protect the heart, strong bones, Lee lassitude, appetizers and promote food, Cellulite consumer product, interest awakened dampness, promoting blood circulation, Wind, antispasmodic and so on.Coffee drinkers prevent radiation damage. Radiation injury, especially electrical radiation has become more prominent kind of pollution. India, Pakistan Atomic fence researchers experiments in mice to get to this conclusion, and that can be applied to humans.Day three cups of coffee can prevent gallstones. For caffeinated coffee, can stimulate the gallbladder and bile content easy to reduce the formation of cholesterol gallstones, the latest Harvard University researchers found that drinking two to three cups of coffee a day for men, have less than 40% the risk of gallstones .Coffee can reduce fatigue. To eliminate fatigue, must supplement nutrition, rest and sleep and metabolic functions, while the coffee is with these features.Coffee beneficial to the skin. Coffee can promote metabolism, active digestive organs, constipation have a great effect. Use coffee powder bath is a warm therapy, there is weight loss.Coffee contains certain nutrients. Coffee vitamin niacin B, a higher content of roasted coffee beans after. And there is free fatty acids, caffeine, tannic acid.Coffee can Xifeng antispasmodic. Coffee can increase HDL cholesterol, the bad cholesterol, speed up the metabolism, reduce coronary atherosclerosis, lower risk of stroke.Coffee whitening effect. So, after dinner cup of black coffee, we can effectively make the skin white. In addition, black coffee more diuretic effect. Black coffee can also promote cardiovascular circulation. For women, the role of black coffee with beauty, often drinking can make you radiant and shiny. Hypotension in patients with a cup of black coffee a day, you can make yourself better. Coffee at high temperature in the process, will produce an antioxidant compound which helps cancer, anti-aging, and even to prevent cardiovascular diseases, may be comparable with fruit and vegetablesCoffee can be appetizing food. Caffeine stimulates the sympathetic nervous stimulate gastrointestinal secretion of gastric acid, promotion, and to prevent bloating, ptosis, and promote gastrointestinal hormones, motility hormones make quick purge.Coffee has a diuretic dehumidification effect. Caffeine can promote kidney function, expel more than the rest of the sodium ions, increase urine output and improve bloating edema, weight loss help weight loss. Coffee effect What is the effect of coffee? Like alcohol and cigarettes euphoria and excitement, like caffeine has stimulant effect. Caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system and muscles, relieve muscle fatigue and thus has control sleep, stimulate brain function. On the one hand to improve heart function, dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, the town still a headache, people feel fresh. On the other hand, can stimulate the sympathetic, parasympathetic make paroxysmal dyspnea caused excitement under control. Coffee also helps digestion, eat a lot of meat in particular, when the gastric secretion exuberant, promote digestion, relieve the burden on the stomach. Because caffeine effect decomposition of fat, so eat high-calorie foods, we must drink coffee. There is the smell of coffee on the effects of garlic. Ate a dish with garlic after some coffee is essential. Coffee and deodorant. When using drip coffee maker, can be dried coffee grounds to release the vessel, on the corner of the refrigerator deodorant use. The same can also be placed inside the shoe, as deodorant use. If the pad underneath the smoke pots, also remove cigarette smell different. In addition, coffee can also be used to do the cooking spices. For example, when you cook ribs, put some instant coffee in the soup, when the pork meat dipped in some coffee, burn out meat is particularly delicious. The caffeine in coffee is harmful t humans too? Many people may be skeptical. However, in 2-3 cups of coffee in the amount of caffeine is absolutely no problem. Moreover, the role of the amount of caffeine and efficacy. I hope you understand the correct coffee, happily drinking coffee. Coffee "four taste a sweet" Coffee all the colors, aromas and flavors are roasted formalities coffee beans in some chemical changes occur in the result of the formation characteristics. 1) bitter: caffeine, coffee essential element of taste. 2) sour: tannic acid, caffeic The two basic elements of taste. 3) mellow: coffee strong. Mellow flavor. 4) sweet: When coffee beans the sugar, baking procedure after partial coking, the remaining part is the sweetness. 5) incense (smell of coffee): coffee beans in the fat. proteins carbohydrates are an important source of the aroma.

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