100% China yunnan Peaberry Coffee,Small Round beans Arabica A NO Sugar Green raw Coffee 1000g (2.2lb) Match Coffee Beans

price: US $64.00
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Grade: A
Weight: 1.000
Shelf Life: 365DAYS
Packaging: Bulk
Item Type: Coffee beans
sacchariferous whether: sugar-free
place of production: china mainland
coffee beans raw and cooked: coffee beans whether

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[Name]: Yunnan arabica coffee beans circle [Package]: shipped using food-grade ziplock packaging [NW]: 1000g coffee beans [Select class]: top round coffee beans standard 15 mesh section is hand-selected, refined system of 97%. [Origin]: Yunnan. Baoshan. Lujiangba. Gaoligongshan areas of 1300-1450 m.

Yunnan arabica beans commonly known as round-meter circle in a fruit that only a small circle inside the bean (deformity, normal is divided into two), consists of two half a tablet of coffee beans nutrients, it tastes richer than pinto beans. Normal Arabica coffee beans, only about 5% of the proportion of round beans, subject to screening before too, so even more valuable, its price is higher than the normal beans. Suitable for shallow baking its bean-shaped rounded, distinct aroma, delicate flavor and lasting for coffee brown treasures. Cloud Lanka Tim Boutique small round beans from Baoshan Nu 1400 meters above sea level.

[Special Note]: raw beans immature / semi-mature / semi-matured Peas may be in the shape and color Peas entirely consistent with normal or difficult to distinguish, matches when the selection of best efforts to select, but still will slip through the net. So after baking pro lighter Peas will find these beans is immature beans, they are a great impact on the quality of coffee! Please try after baking beans down this part of the times removed!