Guess Who Leads the Bribery World?
The USA is the most corrupt country in the world and I have 10,000 posts that point heavily to that fact…

You Realize that the American Government is Living worse than Paycheck to Paycheck… August 18, 2011

It looks like the American Government is living paycheck to paycheck. It won’t take much and we all will be living on the streets…

In fact technically the American government has been living on a credit card and when you are at that stage you have paychecks that are already gone to pay bills and interest…

It is just time until you go bankrupt…

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Air Force discharging sergeant who doubts Obama

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — The Air Force said Wednesday it is discharging a hero of the so-called birther movement who refused to report to duty in Germany for a few days earlier this month because he doubts President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

Staff Sgt. Daryn Moran expects to be discharged within the next week. Although the 41-year-old Nebraska man refused to report to duty and had called for Obama’s arrest in statements on websites, several other things contributed to his discharge, including his opposition to Obama’s decision to allow gays to serve openly in the military.

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Ron Paul Wears Invisibility Cloak In News Media’s Eyes August 17, 2011

Busted. That’s what we in the news media are in the matter of the presidential campaign of Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

Famous and not so famous critics have pointed out in the past day that journalists for the most part have ignored Paul even when he succeeds at a level other Republican presidential candidates haven’t.

As far as many political reporters have been concerned, the congressman might as well be wearing one of those Harry Potter invisibility cloaks. He’s there but we apparently can’t see him.

For instance, despite putting in a strong second place showing in the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa on Saturday and polling consistently well in polls of voters nationally or in caucus and primary states, the 74-year old Libertarian was mostly ignored.

Tim Pawlenty, the former Minnesota governor, got much more attention for dropping out of the race than Paul did for nearly winning.

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You know it is really great that Iraq is under control… August 16, 2011

Gunmen wearing military uniforms pulled seven people from a Sunni mosque south of Baghdad and then shot and killed them, execution-style.

The killings happened late yesterday on a day that saw a wave of violence sweep across Iraq, from the northern city of Mosul to the Shiite heartland.

They raised the day’s death toll to 70.

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Russia has reduced its block of US securities by $5.4 billion…

Foreign investors have for the first time ever cut down on their US blocks of securities, says the US Department of the Treasury.

According to it, foreign investment in the US economy shrank by 0.4% down to $4.5 trillion in June amid the economic and political crisis in America, when the threat of default loomed large, while the Republicans and Democrats in Congress were unable to agree the raising of the debt ceiling.

Brazil, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and Russia are the biggest sellers of US government securities. Russia has reduced its block of US securities by $5.4 billion.

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